My Fur Babies


I love my Fur babies. Call us crazy, about fifteen months ago we got the cutest, 6-week-old, Catahoula pups. Male is Shadow and female is Maddie. Yes, PUP(S)!! Why you ask, My husband and I had been talking about how we wanted to get two bigger dogs. The opportunity came up and we got the last two pups from the litter. I was thinking it would be easy to have the pups grow up together. So, we didn’t have to go through the puppy stage twice.

Easier!! No way, it definitely wasn’t easier. Twice the whines, twice the food, twice the poop, and twice the dog hair. My husband and I were grateful we didn’t have twins. Because holy cow, we really didn’t get any sleep for the first three weeks. Between the kids still running to our beds and the dogs taking their turns whining through the night, I was going crazy.

When we got the pups, the previous owners had given us a bag of food to take home. We went out to Tractor Supply to get the same brand of puppy food. We bought the biggest bag they had. Now we also have a 10-year-old chihuahua, Rocko. He ate whatever I got on sale. You don’t think the pups wanted the very large, expensive bag of food we got them. No, they wanted to eat the cheap food I had for Rocko. This food gave the pups massive diarrhea. Rocko loved eating the pups food which gave him massive diarrhea.

I stayed home, didn’t go anywhere for two weeks, just so I could potty train not only the pups but our 10-year-old chihuahua. If anyone has a chihuahua, you know what I’m talking about. Plus my two-year-old son, Kyle. After the horrific two weeks of poop, sweat, and tears. We made it to the finish line with all FOUR of them. Once that stage was over I felt like I could breathe. (no pun intended)

We started to get in a rhythm. We found a food that worked for the dogs, they would run out to the backyard when they needed to do their business. Then I started to notice more and more hair all over the place. I was sweeping and vacuuming more every day. Just so you all know, I HATE cleaning and I do it all day long. How can I avoid it with three dogs and three boys (yes husband is included in this count)? They all make so many messes. Anyways back to the dog hair. I started noticing I was stepping on something that felt like a splinter. Come to find out it was the pups hair. When you step on their hair just right it feels like a splinter. You have to use tweezers to pull the hair out. Never hear that in my life and I have always had dogs, growing up. Have you ever had to deal with this?

We got Maddie spayed at six months-old and realized then, they don’t know how to go for a walk. Duh!! We never used the leash with them because they always went straight out to the backyard. So long story short, we have to take the dogs on a walk separately to avoid a scene from Cesar 911. The pups rough play all the time and I hate when they do it inside. They run so hard into the wall they have put a dent under my bay window. 

Fast forward fifteen months, they have gotten a little better. Shadow is our loud mouth, he barks at everything!!! Loves protecting us, he just walks in circles around the house making sure everything is okay.

Maddie, my little princess she is perfect. Just kidding, she chews on everything. The kids know better, if their toys are left out, it will end up in pieces all over the backyard (if you know what I mean). I say, Maddie just likes helping me keep things tidy around the house.

They keep us on our toes but they are a big part of our family.

The boys ask us for another pet. They are crazy if they think we are getting anything, anytime soon even if it’s a goldfish. By the way, we just raised frogs from the eggs I found in our pool this last Spring. Next time we will take a lot of pictures and I will share that story. It was such a great learning experience for the boys. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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