First Week Homeschooling My Kindergartener


The first day of kindergarten. Nervous, excited, stressed, and overwhelmed to name a few emotions I was feeling. Bradly, on the other hand, was ready. I always wanted to home school my children but didn’t really know how to get started. I was a preschool teacher and loved making lesson plans. I knew kindergarten was going to be a lot like preschool but a little more work was going to be involved. All summer long I planned and prepared all the work he was going to do. (plus my three-year-olds) I got cold feet and decided I should have him do a virtual school that offers flex schedules for homeschoolers.


I’m not going to lie, I was a mess during the first week of school. I felt like I didn’t know what to do first. He had class time online Tuesday and Thursday for two hours each. Which he loves! I would run back and forth between the boys. He had four lessons for each of his four classes to finish and submit by Friday. Honestly felt like it was more work for me than him but I know it’s just the beginning and it will get smoother. I’m so lucky he has an AMAZING teacher to help me. 

Kyle had gotten sick on Wednesday with a fever and cold. I isolated him but that did not help by Friday the whole family had a bad cold. I didn’t get to finish half the stuff I wanted to do with my Kindergartener.

It drove me crazy because I love to be on a schedule. Working with kids my whole life I know that children do well with a routine. I have my kids on a routine that works best with our family. When I needed my schedule to work out the most it failed me. My first week of teaching kindergarten for my oldest was crazy but if you ask him he loved and can’t wait to work again on Monday.


I know we will get into a great routine soon. I’m just hoping next week will be better. I would love to hear your homeschooling stories. Do you home school full time? Do you participate in a virtual school? Do you create your own lessons plans or do you buy a particular curriculum? Check out our homeschool routine here. Love ya. Mary xoxo

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