Tips On Teaching Your Child To Swim

It could save their lives!

You may not agree on how I taught my kids to swim but it has worked for me and others. Teaching your child to swim is so important. Children love water and they just want to touch it but touching it can cause them to fall in.




When we bought our home it came with a pool. Both of my boys did not know how to swim. The first thing I did was put a baby safety gate around the pool. I was scared they would fall in but I knew the first thing I had to do was teach them how to swim.


I got them both swimmer vest, let’s face it I can only really teach them one at a time. It took them time to get comfortable in the vests. Once they were getting comfortable with the vest on I started with my oldest. I took the vest off and explain to him how dangerous water is and if I’d let go of him he would sink to the bottom.



I would have him hold on to the wall and walk, hand over hand till he got to the steps. Then I would make sure he knew how to climb out of the pool. Very important to know just in case he fell into the pool.



I’d tell him we were going to blow bubbles with our nose. (like, blowing your nose) Once he got that down, I would play ring-a-round the Rosie with him and when we sang ‘we all fall down’ We would take a breath in and both go under the water. He didn’t like it much but I told him we would try two more times. To help with younger ones you can blow in their face which will cause them to take a breath in.



I taught him how to kick and use his arms. (like you are scooping sand or ice cream) Every day I would repeat all the lessons and then I would add something new. By the third day, I would step back a little and have him swim to the wall. I would stay next to him just in case he needed me. Repeat this several times. I also taught him if it felt like he had water in his nose to look down at his belly button, the water would fall out.



I would have him hold on a pool noodle and jump into the pool and kick to the steps. Repeat this as many times as he wants. Also, I worked on having him float on his back. (If you place your chin on their forehead this will help them relax also try singing to them)Don’t forget to repeat all the lessons every day.



If they are scared to jump in by themselves, don’t push them in! Try to encourage them to  jump. Instruct them to swim to the steps or the wall by themselves but be close to them if they need you. You will have to remind them to use their arms. Keep practicing every day.



My oldest only swims under the water with goggles that cover his nose.

Keep pool noodles in the pool so they can grab on if they need to.

Once they can jump in and swim they will want to swim across the pool. Make sure they understand to lift their head up to take a breath.

After they understood all of this I then taught them the simple doggy paddle to keep their heads above the water.

If they need more time to practice each lesson, don’t move forward until they got it.

I hope you enjoyed this and I want to know if you tried this with your little ones. Let me know if you did anything differently. Enjoy! Love ya, Mary xoxo


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