Our Homeschool Routine

I love staying on schedules. I have stayed on schedules with my oldest since he was 9 months old. Our day goes by so much smoother when everyone knows what’s going to happen next.


As I explained in my last blog, The first week of kindergarten was a little rough for us. 

A couple of weeks later and we are getting into a nice routine. Anytime there is a learning experience happening and they are wanting to learn, I never rush it.

After Breakfast and we clean up I let them pick a center in the school room. That is usually around 8:30. Right after that, we have circle time to read stories and do our calendar. Tuesdays and Thursdays my oldest has online classes 9-11 (break 10-10:15). He goes into another room to focus. 

I watch my friends kids that are the age of my youngest (3).

9-9:15 writing activity Bradly does Language Arts 9-9:30

9:15-9:30 fine motor activity Social studies 9:30-10

9:30-9:45 dance and get some wiggles out

9:45-10 math activity

10-10:15 they all have a snack

10:15-10:30 readiness activity 10:15-10:45 Math

10:30-10:45 art craft 10:45-11:00/11:15 Science (T&TH)

10:45-11 centers

11-11:15 science

11:15-11:45 outside and clean up

11:45-12:15 lunchtime

12:15-12:30 clean up, potty, and read a book

12:30-2:30 nap time for the younger ones                  Reading and science with Brad 

2:30-3 younger ones wake up and clean up Brad will play learning computer games

3-3:45 pool time

3:45-4 snack

4-5 all play centers and I will make shopping list, do our bills and check emails

5-6 getting dinner ready and eat

6-7:30 Movie (quiet time) Boys sports will be around this time if any

7:30-8 bedtime story and brush teeth or bath if they haven’t had one yet. (I usually throw them in the bath after we went swimming)


My homeschooling routine just turned into a whole day of activities. This is how our day goes every day Mon-Fri. The weekends I change it up a little if we have something to do. I get as much cleaning done throughout the day when I have a chance. On Sundays are when I do deep cleaning and I give some chores to the boys. Also I work on my weekly lesson plans for the up coming week. 

 I hope you enjoyed our day. Let me know your schedule. Love ya, Mary xoxo



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