Bradly Joseph’s Birth Story

Sweet baby Bradly was due on Oct. 5th. I delivered him on Oct. 18th. 8Lbs 11Oz.



I had a birth plan that completely went the opposite of what happened. I was that mother that had to buy everything brand new for her baby. The nursery was ready, and I had my hospital bags packed. (probably a month before my due date) I had a basket of treats ready for my nurses. I was ready to see my little man. He had another plan…

I was planned to go in on the 19th and get induced. Which caused me to completely stressing out. I wanted to have the baby naturally without any medication. I heard that contractions hurt worse when you were induced. The night before I was going to be induced I woke up about 2 A.M. and was feeling very uncomfortable. I got up and watched T.V. and drank some water.

I stayed up and called my mom about 6 A.M. The contractions were about five minutes apart. Note, my hospital is one hour away. I woke up my husband and told him it was time. Guess what he tells me? I’m not ready, I need a shower! Thirty minutes later, I go upstairs and he is now clipping his NAILS!! WHAT! I’m having contractions and freaking out. Finally, we are on our way to the hospital and the contractions are getting closer and stronger.

I get checked into the hospital and all hooked up. The Dr. on call checked to see if I was dilated, which I was only 2 CM. My mucus plug had fallen out the night before but my water had not broken. The doctor on call tells me that she needs to break my water or I have to go home. Remind you we lived one hour away. I was supposed to meet my Dr. there at 5 P.M. to get induced. The contractions were getting stronger, so I told them to break my water. At about 11 A.M. they broke my water. The nurse said there is meconium. Which means the baby had his first bowel movement. Once your water is broken, they make you stay in bed.

At this point, my back is starting to hurt so bad. I can not get comfortable and the contractions are getting stronger and closer. I’m ready to see my baby but I’m still not dilating. The back labor I was experiencing was unbearable and I had to get an epidural. This happened about 4 P.M. I was feeling a little better. (To this day, every time I say epidural my back hurts, FYI)

By 10 P.M. I was in horrible pain. I was vomiting. I was only 5 and a half CM and my epidural had fallen out. (I didn’t even want to have one in the first place.) They had to redo the epidural and he missed. So by the time I was pricked the third time. I was miserable.

I remember feeling so cold to the point of shivering, I could not control it. They gave me heated blankets so I could warm-up. The nurse kept coming in to check my temperature, said it was fine.

About 1 A.M. my mom was with me and had a strong maternal instinct and got my Dr. to check on me. She personally took my temperature and realized my temperature had gone up to 102 degrees. I still had not dilated any more. Then my heart rate had dropped and the baby’s heart rate went up. I could see the look on my husband’s face and I knew things were getting serious. I couldn’t take it in because I was completely exhausted and weak.

While my husband was getting suited up everyone was running around and they hooked me up to all machines. I was completely out of it. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My husband came in next to me and grabbed my hand. I remember dozing on and off and he kept talking to me so I wouldn’t miss anything. Then he said do you hear him? I remember saying “Who?” It then registered, I was hearing my baby’s first cry. I was looking for him just wanting to hold him. They had him wrapped up and I got to just say I love you and kiss him.


Then, they rushed him away to the NICU. (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) I told my husband to go with the baby. I heard the baby’s cry fade and I just laid there with tears in my eyes.

My husband came back and said he didn’t know which room they took the baby. My husband came to the recovery room with me. The baby’s Dr. came in and told me his vital signs were back to normal, but he did have a fever. Check out the next part of our adventure when Bradly stayed in the NICU for ten days. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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