Bradly’s NICU Stay


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I finally get out of recovery and into a room. Instantly I’m ready to see my baby. I have not been able to hold him in my arms and I wanted to breastfeed him. Instead, they tell me I need I rest. WHAT! Rest, I have been waiting to hold my baby for 9 months (10 months). How can I possibly sleep? My husband and mom saw the baby but he had to stay in the NICU and I still couldn’t feel my legs and I still had a catheter in.

Finally, about eight hours of me asking so many times, they got me a wheelchair and I was so excited to go see him. My husband put him in my arms and we instantly connected. I right away started to nurse him. I was so nervous about nursing him because everything else failed in my birth plan, I did NOT want anything else to go wrong. The nurses of the NIC unit got me a lactation nurse to help me and she was phenomenal. They helped me hold him in different positions. The biggest thing they kept telling me was to feed him whenever he wanted to eat. Check out my breastfeeding tips here.

Later that evening Bradly’s Dr. came in said they wanted to do a meningitis test. Which included the baby getting an epidural well, putting a needle in his spine to remove fluid. I wasn’t very happy to hear this considering I just went through that pain three times and knew how bad it was going to hurt him. My husband and I were completely nervous about this because we just didn’t know what to expect. After hours of waiting, they told us the test was negative but they wanted to keep him for ten days to take an antibiotic through an IV. I was so disappointed. I was ready to go home.

I couldn’t eat and I asked my doctor if I could stay another day. If you didn’t read Bradly’s birth story, we live one hour away from the hospital. So I was looking for hotels that were close to the hospital. I was able to get a hotel that was about ten mins away. My family helped us pay for the hotel, let’s face it who has extra money when they just had a baby. I tried to stay at the hospital but they told me that I wasn’t allowed. 

When we were getting into the hotel I forgot that I needed to take medication since I just had a C-section. I forgot to fill my prescription and we couldn’t find a 24-hour pharmacy. I was in excruciating pain. Seriously felt like my stomach was falling off. All I could do was take some extra strength Motrin.

I was not giving up on breastfeeding even though I was thrown an obstacle. I would nurse the baby then rush to the hotel to get about two hours of sleep to rush back to nurse him again. The nurses help me put him on a three-hour schedule even though that wasn’t my plan. I really didn’t have a choice at this point. We did this over and over and I wasn’t eating and the nurses were getting worried about me. My feet were so swollen. They said they would put me in a side room with a recliner chair and maybe I could get some more sleep. My husband went to our house to check on our dogs and get more clothes while I stayed there for the night. I didn’t sleep better there because I just wanted to stare at him all night.

The sixth day we were at hospital/hotel my mother told me my grandma was in the ER by my house. (she was battling cancer) We tried to transport her to the hospital I was at but she wasn’t stable enough. I told the NIC unit nurses what was going on and that I had to drive and see her but to call me if they needed me.

I drove to see her and I gowned up from head to toe so I wouldn’t pick up any germs and spread it to the baby. I went into the room and I was trying to stay so positive and show her pictures of Bradly. I felt like I didn’t want to get close to her just in case she had something that would spread to the baby. (Any other time I would be laying next to her, we were inseparable.) She grabbed my hand (all she could see was my eyes) and said, “why do you look at me like it’s the last time you will see me?” It was very hard for me to say anything with a knot in my throat. I just squeezed her hand and kissed her head. My phone then started to ring. I couldn’t get to it because I was all gowned up. She was telling us that Bradly was beautiful and we were going to be amazing parents. Then my husband’s phone started to ring and all I could think of was the baby. I ran out of the room to answer the phone.

Bradly’s doctor’s voice came over the phone and my heart sunk. I was frantically trying to say something. “Is he okay?” The doctor said he was fine but the nurses had informed him that I was traveling back and forth to nurse him every three hours and that they were worried about my health more than the babies now. He said that he wanted us to stay in the family room (this is for mothers that stay a night so they can learn how to use different machines a baby might be on.) Nobody was staying there and they wanted us to stay there free of charge. I couldn’t say anything. I was so emotional.

We headed back to see Bradly after we got a change of clothes and went to our new room. We were finally able to bond as a family. I was able to eat a little better and sleep a little better. The nurses were all amazing and tried to make it as comfortable as possible. My family was able to come to visit the baby. I was able to give him a bath and he weighed 9 Lbs already. We were doing great and we were ready to go home a get some real sleep.

The day before we were going home. My husband went home to check on our house and the animals. My mom and sister came to visit me and the baby. My mom’s phone rang and it was a nurse for my grandma and they said come quick. I called my husband to go see her right away but by the time he got to her, it was too late.

It was definitely a very hard ten days for us. Completely draining. I had dropped 25 Lbs in the tens days. Once we got home the baby slept 6 hours straight. That was probably the hardest ten days of my life. Let me know what you think of my story. What was your experience like when giving birth? Love ya, Mary xoxo


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