How To Become The Best Babysitter


Ah! You want to know how to be the best babysitter? That is awesome, the first step to being the best babysitter is doing your research. Now that you are here I can give you some of my secrets to babysitting.


I started babysitting at the age of 12 (my mom was in the house). Once I started driving I would babysit almost every weekend. If you would like to take this seriously, you should try to find a first aid and CPR class. Some weekends I could make up to $200. I worked at a daycare growing up so I had those classes and that’s where I got all my babysitting jobs.

Make sure before you sit for a family, they already know what you charge. You can avoid the awkward moment at the end of your job. Make sure you know exactly what they want you to do. (baths, dinner, homework, don’t go outside, if they have animals you need to take care of, or if you need a ride home.) You want to make sure you have good communication with the parents.


Number one rule of babysitting. Give your FULL attention to the children the whole time no matter the age. My favorite age to watch was 3-5 but I had fun with all ages.


If it’s the first time you are watching for a family bring your own bag of stuff.

  • Crayons and coloring book
  • Play dough and cutters
  • Paper and paints
  • Puzzles
  • Books
  • Bring snacks and food for yourself (don’t assume they will feed you)

Make sure you know the rules of their house. The children will test you even though they know the rules. You and the parents have to have the same rules. (you can still be the “fun babysitter” with rules too.) Make sure you know all the phone numbers and emergency contacts. Also, know if anyone has allergies. Print emergency list for parents to fill out and keep it in a binder. When you’re watching for new families you will have their emergency contact list. You want to show the parents you are well organized.

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When I walked in the door I always pretended something new. (I was walking into a castle or I was going on a bear hunt). If you let the kids get into character with you right away, when it’s time for the parents to leave the kids will be excited and ready to play.


Always make sure you are prepared. Know exactly what you are going to do or else there might be arguments with siblings. Remember you are getting paid to work, this is your job. I usually don’t have the TV on unless it’s right before bedtime to calm them down, if they are sick or if we have planned a new movie to watch with snacks. Keep them busy and play games and have fun. In the end, they will tell their parents they had lots of fun and they will call you again.


If the children are sleeping while you are watching them. Then you may do your homework, get on your phone, or watch TV. ABSOLUTELY nothing inappropriate, If the parents walk in or the children wake up you don’t want anything that will make them uncomfortable. 

Always have fun, Make sure the children are laughing and having a good time. Let them know you are having fun too. Make sure you always clean up your mess you made with the children. Also, let the parents know what you did. Parents like hearing what they did while they were gone.


If the child misbehaved. First, tell the parent the fun you had with them. Then tell them what they did wrong and how you dealt with it. Make sure you say something good or funny they did at the end. Always leave on a positive note. Maybe tell them what you have planned for next time you come. If you want ideas on what I did while I babysat, let me know. Have fun! Love ya, Mary xoxo


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