What I Love About Melissa And Doug Toys

A little backstory for you, If you don’t know already. I worked at my mother’s childcare center growing up then helped at my older sister’s childcare center when I got older. Fifteen years I saw children play with the same Melissa and Doug toys and never have I seen any pieces break. The toys they have designed are so durable. A class of fifteen children was not able to break anything and I was impressed. When I had my first son I was set on only getting Melissa and Doug toys ONLY!

We have so many Melissa and Doug products. I love how they added little learning ideas to do with each product. Almost six years later and my son is still playing with these products along with his younger brother. My son has learned to tie his shoe with their adorable shoe tying toy.

I was so happy when they started making more Disney themed items, being a Floridian, of course, we love Disney. The boys love the little Disney theme cars and buildings. They line them up and bring the Melissa and Doug train right through with all the Disney characters on it. So cute!

Another favorite is the tools. What boy doesn’t love tools? They feel so big hammering away at my chairs, thinking they are really helping. HEHE. Definitely a must to any boys collection.

Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles! Who doesn’t love puzzles? We have several of Melissa and Doug puzzles and love them. also good to trace with. I like the big knobs on the puzzles for when my boys were younger but they do have more challenging ones for the older children as well.

I love Melissa and Doug. My boys love Melissa and Doug and I’m so happy to see my children playing with these toys I can trust. From instruments to playing with the food they have it all and so do we:) We are Melissa and Doug’s biggest fans. They have over 2,000 products and I have seen a lot of their toys being played with from my boys and other children. Their toys are worth every cent. Let me know what you think of Melissa and Doug. Great for Christmas and birthday gifts. You can also use them in your classroom for educational uses too. Which product do you like best? Love ya Mary xoxo


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