Date Ideas When The Kids Fall To Sleep

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Since I stay home with the kids and living on one income, we don’t always have the money to go out. When the kids go to sleep my husband and I use this time to have some time together. I’d like to share some ideas we have done.

These ideas are perfect for when you don’t want to leave your children. To be honest, I get completely guilty when I leave my kids with a family member. I feel like anything we do, we can do it with the children. Plus, the whole time we are gone I talk about the kids the whole time. Not only are they the only beings I’m with all day, but I also don’t want to feel like I missed anything. This is definitely something I know I need to work on especially if I want to keep my relationship strong with my husband.


We try to do date night (at home) once or twice a week. We probably left both kids maybe five times EVER. lol Sometimes we don’t give the children a nap in the day (entertain your kiddos at nap with these fun learning games) so they go to sleep around 7:00. Okay, the kids are asleep now what?


  1. Stargaze
  2. Make a dessert together
  3. Workout together (especially if we are eating a late snack)
  4. Nighttime swimming
  5. Snuggle by the fire
  6. Give each other a massage
  7. Have a romantic dinner (add some candles and dress up)
  8. Play games together (video, board, or 20 questions)
  9. Watch a movie or binge watch Netflix ( we also like to watch funny vines on Youtube)
  10. Bathe or shower together:)

Okay, here are some of our date ideas. I hope you like them. If you guys have some ideas to share, I would love to hear them. Love ya. Mary xoxo



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