What A Six-Year-Old Boy Wants For Christmas


My son just turned six and is already talking about presents he wants for Christmas. He really isn’t the one to ask for much. He is the type of kid that would rather just have the family together. I know commercials can suck a child into something ridiculous but these gift ideas are not only for him to enjoy but for the whole family too.

My son has all of these toys, he just would like more of them. He enjoys playing with these toys (so do I). These are toys you can trust. A lot of them are toys my husband and I have been playing with when we were young. I know this was short and sweet but to the point, if you liked this post check out some other stories. I hope you liked my list let me know if I missed Anything. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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How I Met My Husband

When I met my husband on a blind date, I was totally nervous. My brother-in-law set us up after I was harassing him to set me up with someone he worked with. I was about to turn 18 and he had told me there was someone that would meet me. Daniel was 20.

One day after a shift together, my brother-in-law called my sister and told her for us to meet them at downtown Disney. My sister, brother-in-law and niece (9 years old) all went with me on my “blind date”. I saw him walk up and I was excited but very nervous.

When I first saw him I thought he looked like a young “Chad Micheal Murray”. We shook hands and introduced ourselves then we went to Planet Hollywood. I thought he had awesome manners. He was shy but so was I.

After dinner we were talking about scary movies and said we should meet up again to watch Halloween movies (since it was so close to Halloween). We didn’t get together for a while. I was still in school and lived an hour and a half away from him. He thought I looked too young and was nervous to be with me until I was 18. Three months later I was celebrating my 18th Birthday with my sister and brother-in-law and in walks Daniel in his leather jacket. Hehe! I was completely surprised to see him. I was also kind of mad at my sister because she was the one who suggested he came along and she didn’t tell me.

We went to City Walk and walked around and went into some clubs. Daniel was a good dancer and had really opened up and was very funny. We walked around and it was cold outside and he offered me his jacket. That night we definitely had sparks. I saw that he was a fun going, sweet, caring and funny guy. By the end of the month, we went on a date (by ourselves) to the movies to see King Kong. We stayed up all night and talked in his little green Honda Civic. Then he wrote D+M on the foggy window and asked me to be his girlfriend. We leaned in to have our first kiss and it went all wrong…..

13th year together (almost 9 years of marriage). We eventually perfected our kiss. I’m so grateful for my sister and brother-in-law for hooking us up. We have gone through our ups and downs but I’m so happy he is the one by my side. I hope you enjoyed our story. Let me know where you met your spouse? Love ya, Mary xoxo


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Legoland Birthday Surprise

WOW, My firstborn son is SIX!!!! I can’t believe how time flies when you are having fun. We surprised Bradly with a Legoland trip. He had no idea and we had so much fun.

My sister made shirts for us, so we were matching when we went to Legoland. I made Lego jello the night before his birthday along with decorating the table for him when he woke up. Also, Bradly requested I make him Cracker Barrel pancakes and sausage for his birthday. Then he opened the shirts there was a note inside saying we were going to Legoland. At this point, he didn’t know we were staying the night. I made up a Lego head puzzle he had to fill in on the car ride there. Once we got there I decorated the room and I had ordered a birthday cake.

Legoland beach resort was so much fun. We had dinner there and they had a special going, kids eat FREE, who doesn’t love that deal? They had games, dance party, characters, play areas and pool with a sandy area to play. Our room had a small room with a bunk bed and Legos for the kids, they loved that.

One thing Bradly has been talking about is that he wanted to ride a roller coaster when he turned six. There are four roller coasters there and he rode all of them, he was so brave. There were more rides for him compared to our youngest, that is three. We were going to save the second day for the water rides but then realized it was closed. But they were decorated for Halloween, which we love.

I love how GREEN Legoland is. When we pulled up we parked under solar panels. They had plug-in stations for the cars. My favorite part was the water fountain that filled up your bottles. It showed how many plastic bottles you have saved by filling up your reusable bottle. It was nice because it wasn’t the nasty ones that everyone puts their mouths on. They also had recycling bins throughout the park. (My husband pointed out, they could of have been made out of Legos or had Lego words on the trash bins.)

They had a great Pirates’ Cove show and the kids loved it. Plus it gave them a little break from being in the heat. After we saw the show we went to the Cypress Garden section. Make sure if you decide to go, to see the gardens. It’s so beautiful.

If the water park was open I think two nights and three days would be perfect to stay here. But if I lived a little closer I would probably get annual passes and take the kids at least twice a month. The second day we spent a lot of time in the imagination zone which was all inside a nice cool building. I’m pretty sure my boys could have spent the whole day in there.

Another little thing we found out is that Legoland is closed once or twice a week and we checked in Thursday and were able to check into our room early. (Since they were closed the day before.) The park was not crowded on Thursday and we were able to pretty much walk on everything. Our family had so much fun and I don’t want to spoil all the details with my pictures. I have to keep reminding myself this isn’t our scrapbook. Hehe. Since it was Bradly’s Birthday, we did let him pick out some Legos.

Don’t forget to bring your mini Lego figurines. The workers will have little figurines on their name tag that you can trade. My boys loved searching for new figurines. We got some pretty cool ones. I hope you learned a little about Legoland FL. and will visit there soon. Let me know what birthday surprises you have done for your children. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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LEGO Brand Retail

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Why Children Sleepwalk?


My oldest will probably be mad at me when he learns I posted this but I think it’s important to know what you should do when you see your child sleepwalking. First of all, I want to tell you that it completely freaks me out seeing children walk or talk in their sleep.


It is so important to know, NEVER wake them up. You could scare them. Even when their eyes are open they don’t see the same as if they are awake.


Some reasons your child might be sleepwalking

  • lack of sleep or fatigue
  • irregular sleep schedules
  • illness or fever
  • some medicines
  • stress
  • they need to use the restroom

The first time my son sleepwalked was when he was almost four-years-old. He ran to his closet and started peeing. I honestly thought it was our dog peeing on the floor. It was only about an hour after I put him to bed. Of course, I wanted to freak out but I just guided him to the toilet. Then put him right to bed. I asked him in the morning if he knew that he got up to go to the bathroom and he had no idea. He did it about two other times. Then I realized those were nights he didn’t go right to the bathroom before he went to sleep.


Whenever I tell my son that he was sleepwalking/peeing, he laughs and of course. Instantly he starts walking around like a zombie. I guess that’s what he thinks he looks like when he sleepwalks. I would really FREAK out if that was the case. LOL

It’s actually quite scary to see your child sleepwalking. My sister had a friend that would get up in the night and walk straight out their front door. YIKES!!!

After, I swear I saw my grandma (check the story out here) I always felt like when someone was sleep talking “the dead” was trying to tell me something through them. I feel very silly saying this. Does anybody else feel this way? Let me know if your kids sleepwalk or talk and what do they say? Hope I haven’t freaked you out so close to Halloween:) Love Ya, Mary xoxox

Check out baby sleep miracle!>>HERE<<


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Seeing My Deceased Grandma

Take a look at this story, you will know that my grandma died the day before we came home from the hospital with my firstborn son.
(My grandma and I use to watch Touch By An Angel and she would tell me that she believed angels were around us.)

I would like to say that I totally believe in Mediums and I love watching the #LongIslandMedium on TLC. Wish I could see her and talk to her. My oldest sister saw Theresa at a taping of the Bethany show. Anyways, my grandma had breast cancer in 2008. She was cancer free for a good three years. We started to notice it was getting harder for my grandma to get around (which was not like her). She got a cane but that did not help her. Long story short it got worse. We realized cancer had started in the middle of her back, that nobody had detected. The cancer was quickly going up along her spine until she was paralyzed and having a hard time breathing.

We get home from the hospital and I was so upset that my grandma didn’t get to hold the baby while she rocked him and sang to him. It was a few days we were at home and I had this “dream” only it did NOT feel like a dream. If you have seen the Christmas Carol, where the Ghosts takes Scrooge through his past. That is exactly how it felt….

I woke up to feeling something touch my foot. When I looked up and at the foot of my bed was my grandma. She told me not to be afraid and that she wanted to show me something. We walked downstairs and we were watching what happened when we came home from the hospital. Everything was the same that day, down to our clothes. And I saw my grandma sitting on the couch rocking and singing to my son. She told me that even though she wasn’t there physically she was there holding and singing to him the day we came home from the hospital.

I then, of course, wanted to ask her so many questions and as she walked me back to bed, I was trying to think of anything to ask her. She had died on her Anniversary with her late husband. So I asked her if she saw Grandpa. She told me she did and that they renewed their vows. Then told me that she showed my oldest sister, Megan the pictures of her wedding. As we get back to my bed she tells me that she is fine and doing great, reuniting with old friends and not feeling any more pain. She also told me she will always be with me. I blinked the tears out of my eyes and she was gone… just like that. I remember jumping up looking for her all over my house.  Than decided to write down everything she said so I would never forget. Even though it’s coming up on 6 years, it feels like it was yesterday.

So I called my sister in the morning to tell her the story. She said OMG! I was cleaning out some boxes and came across grandma’s old wedding pictures. I knew then that she is truly with me. I don’t go to her grave site because I don’t feel like that’s where she is, I know she is walking around us. Seeing her again would mean the world to me. My oldest talks about her like he knew her. I pick up the phone still to this day to call her. She was my everything and I’m so sad that she isn’t here physically but I’m happy that she got to reunite with her husband and she keeps her eyes on us. My grandma is my Angel.

I hope you liked my ghost story. This really happened to me and I would love to hear any stories you have to share. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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Do You Have These Halloween Traditions?

Do you have lots of family traditions? Thanks to my mom I make every little (or big) holiday special. Growing up, my mom would decorate the table up when we went to sleep. When we woke up we were so excited to see how the table was dressed up.
At each of our seats, we would have Halloween plates and napkins. There would be a little goody bag of Halloween treats (pencil, fake teeth, spider rings, eraser, and some candy). We would have something Halloween related for breakfast (Halloween doughnuts, green monster milk).

My mother owned a childcare center when I was growing up. She would put together a parade downtown with other schools, bands, and firetrucks. The whole community would come to see all the children in their costumes. As time went on, unfortunately, many people stop participating. She still would have a parade at her center for all the children. Those are things that I looked forward to when I was little and I wanted to still have those traditions with my children.

For dinner, we would have mummy hot dogs and orange and black chips. Then we would get ready to trick or treat. We would then trick or treat together. When we got home we went through all our candy and switched out candy with sisters. I packed some away for later and what we were planning to share with our friends the next day.

Go ahead and check out some other Halloween activities I do with my boys throughout the month of October.

Now, when my boys wake up they have a table to come to with goodies at their seat. We play dress up and have a little parade around the house. We have a little party and play games and make spooky treats. I like to make orange pumpkin rice Krispie treats but now that they are getting older, they help too. I’ll use Halloween cookie cutters to make their sandwiches and make tortilla chips too. We also watch Halloween movies. For dinner, we go to my mom’s house to have dinner with her.

We then will trick or treat all the way to our house. (We live in the same neighborhood as my mom) Once we get home we will pass candy out for a little bit. The candy usually goes with my husband to share at work. I will end the night with a Halloween book and head to bed. I hope you enjoyed our Halloween traditions. I’d love to hear if you have any  Halloween traditions. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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The Best Gluten And Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay! I have been gluten and dairy free for two years. Last Christmas I was craving chocolate chip cookies. I did NOT find anything good until now….. When I see a recipe I always add my own touches. Sometimes they don’t work out for me but today it worked out very well.

I’m so excited to share these cookies with you and just in time for Christmas!!! The ingredients you will need…..

  • gluten-free flour
  • coconut flour
  • white and brown sugar
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • vanilla
  • one egg
  • dairy free buttery spread
  • dairy free chocolate chips

When finding a gluten-free cookie it’s hard to find something that doesn’t have an aftertaste or something that feels gritty. These cookies taste AMAZING! I would recommend you heating them up but they taste good either way.

1 cup GF flour

1/4 cup of coconut flour (less is better)

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup of sugar

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 egg

8 TBSP. DF cold buttery spread (more is better)

3/4 cup of DF chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together except the chocolate chips. Once it’s all mixed together then you can fold the chocolate chips in the mix. Drop a spoonful of the mix on a cookie sheet. Give space in between and give a little pat:) I leave them in between 10-11 mins. Once they start to look a little brown on the edges, it’s time to take them out. Let them sit for a few mins. then transfer them to a cooling rack. I made about 24 cookies. ENJOY!

Let me know what you think and if you tried them let me see your pictures of them:) Love ya, Mary xoxox


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Homemade Natural Face Scrub

I’ve always had issues with breakouts on my face. (probably a reason why people think I’m 18.) My face is very oily (thanks to my Italian background) I could never find anything that really helped. Or anything I actually wanted to put on my face. Since I had kids I’ve been trying to find everything that is natural or organic. You never really think of those things until you have another little life to take care of. So here is what I use to make my face scrub I use EVERYDAY!

Fun Facts:

Baking Soda- helps with acne and skin complexion.

ACV- Removes oil and helps balance skin PH.

Lemon Juice- Natural blackhead treatment.

Honey- Helps slow aging.

Tea tree oil- Helps with spots, pimples, and dryness

Cinnamon- Unclogs and opens pores by removing excess oil.


Items You Will Need:

Baking Soda-1&1/4 cup

ACV-2 Tablespoons (add slowly)

Lemon Juice-1 Tablespoon

Honey-2 Tablespoons

Tea tree oil-8-10 drops

Cinnamon-1/2 teaspoon

Water-3/4 cup

Empty Bottle-15-16 OZ (I used an empty body wash bottle)

Helpful Hints:

Shake well before every use.

For best results let it sit on your face for at least 10 mins.

Don’t get in your eyes.

It will tingle a little.

If it feels too runny, add a little more baking soda.

If it feels too thick, add a little more water.

Hey, let me know what you think! I would love to hear if you have tried it out. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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Gift Ideas For Your Daughter When Starting Her Period


So you are reading this now, might mean you have a moody tween. My mom always came up with crazy things for us to celebrate. We didn’t pick out toys at the store for no reason but we did celebrate every holiday. One of them, becoming a woman, celebrating our periods. This can be embarrassing for some girls especially since it seems girls are starting their periods earlier and earlier. I believe I started mine when I was almost 15. But then again I don’t get my period every month.


We wouldn’t get a gift from my “mom” it would be from Mr. Dot. Why was it from a Mister? I’m not really sure. lol. But he would bring us face wash for, of course, acne. New underwear and bra and of course pads (different sizes). My mother didn’t allow us to wear tampons but I started wearing them the following year due to sports. I think she had it from Mr. Dot because she wasn’t very open with us about personal things. Luckily I had three older sisters I could ask. Also, I think I would add chocolate/gummies or something salty to the gift. Since that’s usually what I crave when I know I’m about to get my period. I would also add Ibuprofen or Midol because there is usually cramping.


In the evening, we would all celebrate with a chocolate cake and a cherry on top. Since I was the youngest and all my sisters, I was very excited to start mine and to celebrate. I think is fun because instead of feeling stressed and embarrassed we could just have fun and laugh about it and celebrate becoming a “woman”.


Luckily for me, I don’t have girls. I will probably give my boys something when they start puberty though. Let me know what you guys think of this little gift Idea. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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