Gift Ideas For Your Daughter When Starting Her Period


So you are reading this now, might mean you have a moody tween. My mom always came up with crazy things for us to celebrate. We didn’t pick out toys at the store for no reason but we did celebrate every holiday. One of them, celebrating our periods. This can be embarrassing for some girls especially since it seems girls are starting their periods earlier and earlier. I believe I started mine when I was almost 15. But then again I don’t get my period every month.


We wouldn’t get a gift from my “mom” it would be from Mr. Dot. Why was it from a Mister? I’m not really sure. lol. But he would bring us face wash for, of course, acne. New underwear and bra and of course pads (different sizes). My mother didn’t allow us to wear tampons but I started wearing them the following year due to sports. I think she had it from Mr. Dot because she wasn’t very open with us about personal things. Luckily I had three older sisters I could ask. Also, I think I would add chocolate/gummies or something salty to the gift. Since that’s usually what I crave when I know I’m about to get my period. I would also add Ibuprofen or Midol because there is usually cramping.



In the evening, we would all celebrate with a chocolate cake and a cherry on top. Since I was the youngest and all my sisters, I was very excited to start mine and to celebrate. I think is fun because instead of feeling stressed and embarrassed we could just have fun and laugh about it and celebrate becoming a “woman”.


Luckily for me, I don’t have girls. I will probably give my boys something when they start puberty though. Let me know what you guys think of this little gift Idea. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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