Countdown Family Fun Until Christmas

Here are my Christmas traditions throughout December. Join along with us or let me know some new ones we can add to our list. Make sure you check out my Halloween and Thanksgiving traditions as well.

  • Dec.1st- Decorate Christmas tree together
  • Dec. 2nd- Finish decorating
  • Dec. 3rd- Make something for the Christmas tree (Lace popcorn and cranberries)
  • Dec. 4th- Make Christmas cards
  • Dec. 5th- Have hot chocolate and snuggle
  • Dec. 6th- Send Christmas cards
  • Dec. 7th- See a Christmas Parade
  • Dec. 8th- Christmas party
  • Dec. 9th- Go Christmas shopping
  • Dec. 10th- Watch Christmas movies
  • Dec, 11th- Drive around to see Christmas lights
  • Dec. 12th- See Santa
  • Dec. 13th- See a Christmas play
  • Dec. 14th- Make homemade items to give away
  • Dec. 15th- Donate or send a care package to someone in need
  • Dec. 16th- Go caroling
  • Dec. 17th- Make a gingerbread house
  • Dec. 18th- Finish Christmas shopping
  • Dec. 19th- Make a Christmas project
  • Dec. 20th- Give something nice to a neighbor
  • Dec. 21st- Wrap presents
  • Dec. 22nd- Make Christmas cookies together
  • Dec. 23rd- Cookie exchange party
  • Dec. 24th- Celebrate with family and go to church
  • Dec. 25th- Merry Christmas

All through December our elf on the shelf (Elfie) does something new every night and leaves the kids a small treat.

On Christmas Eve, we have a family dinner together and go to church. We also play a left, right game and all win an ornament at the end. When we get home we read the night before Christmas. We all get new Christmas pj’s from my mom and take pictures with our stockings. Then we leave cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. My boys will hang a light and a magic key for Santa on the outside of the door. (since we don’t have a fireplace.) They say their goodbyes to Elfie and head off to bed.

On Christmas morning, the kids are usually the first to wake up. We tell them they have to stay in their room and just call for us when they wake up. Or else they would have every present open before the camera came out. After my kids open their Santa presents and stocking gifts we go to my mom’s house. My boys will have round 2 of breakfast and have a four generation breakfast. We call them “hot ones” but they are just fried dough with syrup. They open presents from all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. We go home, have leftovers and then finish opening presents. End the day watching the Christmas story on rerun.

We definitely enjoy all of December and stay very busy all month long. The days go by so fast so enjoy every moment you have with your children. I hope you liked hearing our family traditions and I would love to hear what traditions you have. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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