Did You Get Everything For Baby?

Did you get everything you need for baby? Are you looking to give a gift to baby? I have a great list you don’t want to miss. When you go to a baby shower everyone wants to give all the cute clothes, bath tubs, diapers, wipes. Which all those things are great, but then when the time comes and they get a little older they have a lot more items they will need. I have a list of items we forget about. Make sure you get everything for baby.

Babies that are 6 months and younger:

What baby doesn’t love to stare at themselves. A simple mirror can entertain them for hours. Touch and feel books are a great way to introduce books to your child. Musical toys are pretty much annoying but so worth it because your baby with try to figure out how to make it go off a hundred times. Crib toys are a great way to have them entertain themselves in the morning, they will let you know when they are up by kicking it. You will need spoons sooner than you think. You will always need clothes. I loved my bumbo it was a great way to teach them how to support themselves. Also when they got a little older I used it in the bathtub. Teething rings are perfect for your little ones I especially liked the ones you can throw in the freezer. Car seat toys are very useful. Floor mats are perfect for tummy time and practicing to roll over.

Babies 6 months and older:

Babies grow so fast so clothes are a must. Activity table will help with your baby to start pulling themselves up. Pushing toys are great for beginner walkers. I breastfed and then went right to a straw cup. Big knob puzzles are a great for them to start hand-eye coordination. Bath toys are always fun no matter the age. Colorful books are great way to start showing them about different colors. My boys loved hugging stuffed animals that made sounds to them. Activity blocks are a lot of fun for baby. Hard sole shoes are so important for a baby that is learning to walk. It helps them with support and balance.

I hope you will find some use in this list when you shopping for a special baby this year. Let me know if I missed anything. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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