My Son’s First Ambulance Ride

There is nothing scarier than having a neighbor call you to get home quick, “the ambulance is here”…..

So my oldest son always seemed sick when he was younger. Check out Bradly’s birth story. Once, he had a fever over a week. We took him to the children’s hospital and the doctors twice and they said nothing was wrong with him. They told me that he needed to fight the fever off his self and not to give him medication until it was OVER 105. degrees. I did not like hearing that!! Finally, after a week of him being miserable he one day got better.

A few months later he had his first ear infection and took a ten-day antibiotic. We went to the checkup and the doctor had cleared him and said he was better. So we took him to Chuck E. Cheese. (Kind of celebrating him getting better.) We then had to go to the store and I felt Bradly and realized he felt warm. I called the doctors office right away and he said that was weird but he would prescribe him a new antibiotic. We finished what we had to get and went home. (the prescription wasn’t ready yet)

When we got home I took our youngest and meet my mom to go to the store with me to get orange juice and the antibiotic. I get a call from my neighbor to get home now. I was thinking my husband said something smart to her and she got pissed. (That was their kind of relationship) Then I heard her say the ambulance was there and my heart sunk into my stomach. Luckily, I was just around the corner. I pulled up to them taking my little man on a stretcher in the ambulance. I jumped into the truck and Bradly was just staring at me. He didn’t grab my hand. He didn’t talk to me, he had a shocked look on his face.

It is very rare I leave my kids unless it’s a quick trip to the store and if they want to stay with daddy. I didn’t even see my husband until they were about to drive off and I told him I’d meet him there and my mom and the baby were in the car. I ask the men what happened and they said that he had a seizure. He never had one before (he was almost four). We get to the hospital and they put an IV in to give him fluids. He still had a fever and they checked him over and didn’t see anything was wrong with him.

I was not going to allow that to happen again…. they told us that we should transfer him to the children’s hospital an hour from us because they didn’t have a pediatrics in that hospital. The ambulance transferred him and he was starting to come around a little bit. We finally get checked in and the nurses were amazing. They said he had a febrile seizure and he was fine. To me, that didn’t seem fine. They say it can run in the family. My sister had seizures when she was young. There was a reason why he spiked his fever.

They sent in a neurologist and she wanted to do all kinds of scans of his brain. I refused those because they wanted to sedate him. After two days being there, another doctor came in and said he can’t leave until he is 24 hours free fever. I started realizing he was swallowing funny and asked them to check his throat. Guess what he had strep throat. They said they didn’t see that much in younger kids.

That little man remembers his arm being wrapped up. (from the IV) and he got to play on their tablets. Four days in the hospital was way too long for me. But I was so happy when that day finally came when we all walked out of the hospital together. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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