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For the last few years, my family has come up with a progressive dinner. We stop at every house to check out each others Christmas decorations. We start off with appetizers, soup and salads, main course and then dessert. We play games and have fun. This year the theme was “candy cane”. I wanted to make as much as I could myself so I could be unique and save some money:)

My mom is really into decorative pins. Every holiday she has a new one. She has given every one of my pins in my collection. Nobody had a candy cane pin so I decided to try to make one for them. I was going to crochet one but just didn’t have time. So I had to try to look outside the box and think of something new.



  • Red and white yarn
  • Safety pins
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bendy straw

Cut the straw at the length you like. Hot glue along the whole straw and take both strands of yarn and start wrapping the straw. Bend the straw how you want and then add your safety pin.

For the kids, I made reindeer candy canes. We have done this for years. I also found candy cane flavor pop rocks. I added the peppermint chocolates and soft peppermints.


  • Candy canes
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Small pom poms
  • Small googly eyes

The adult woman got joy to the world ornaments with a candy cane on it and the men adults got candy canes with candy cane ornament on it. I had tons of mason jar tops I didn’t know what do with. I drilled a small hole at the top and added my string there. Hot glued the candy cane on and added the rest of the words with the permanent marker.

I made everyone a name tag stand. Hot gluing three small candy canes together. This was perfect for this party. This is good for one use only.

My sister was telling me how she was trying to find a candy cane headband. I forgot I had an extra headband and I got the idea to decorate one myself.


  • Red and white yarn
  • Headband
  • Red and white beads
  • Red and white pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue gun

I added hot glue to the end of the headband and I started wrapping with one color of yarn. I alternated the colors wrapping the previous color under the headband. I wrapped the pipe cleaners around and then added the beads and shaped it like a candy cane.

I had so much fun making these candy cane treats for my family. I love that it was perfect for decorating the table and treats for them to take home. I hope you got some ideas from this post for your next Christmas party. Happy holidays. Love ya, Mary xoxox

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