Valentine Preschool Fun

Hearts, hearts, and more hearts. Conversation hearts are so much fun but are becoming harder to find in stores. Find them >>HERE<< You can sort, graph, stack, simple adding, subtracting and measure with them. Find so much more Valentine fun below.


We are planning to make tons of valentine cards for everyone and we have playdough with heart cutters and puzzles. You can use the Valentine cutters to dip in paint and then have the kiddos stamp them on paper to make into a card. If you want to skip the handmade cards click this >>link<< to get already made valentine cards.

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s so much fun, the kids love to have themed parties with their cousins. We come up with all kinds of craziness. I also have done lots of these activities with my kids at the preschool. Plus, check out 32 activities you can do with heart die cuts here.

Here we played pin the arrow on the heart. This is perfect for children that don’t like to lose. There really is no winner to this game but it’s fun to see where your arrow is on the heart.

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At our dollar store, I had bought a 100 piece puzzle to use on the 100th day of school. As we were putting it together there was one piece missing. Instead of tossing the puzzle I figured I would save these pieces for cards for grandparents for Valentine’s day. I will have them use paint, I used marker here in this picture and I think paint would be better.

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We love using these shape pieces to come up with all kinds of designs. I figured this would be fun for my oldest, he loves creating things. A great activity to get them thinking.

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I got two decks of cards and pulled all the heart cards out. Then made hearts and numbered them. Once they pick a card they can shade in the number. You can also use heart stickers or stamps.

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We plan on making a heart pizza and my oldest plans to make valentine cupcakes. If you have any questions about the activities you see, let me know. Please subscribe at the top of this page if you haven’t already. I’m always posting preschool crafts and activities. I hope you will have a fantastic Valentine’s Day. Love ya, Mary xoxo



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