16 Mommy and Son Date Ideas

That will not break the bank!

At first, when I found out my second baby wasn’t a girl I was a little disappointed. I wanted to have the little girl to go shopping with, get our nails painted and play with Barbies. But now I’m truly blessed I had boys. All that girly stuff I’ve done before now it’s time to play with all boy stuff. Hehe It can be hard some times to connect with my boys but when we get together we have so much fun. It wasn’t always that easy for us to connect until now. I’m going to let you know 16 cheap little dates you can go on to help connect more with your son(s).






Game Day

My oldest loves video games. I’m not really into video games so when I actually sit down and try to play with him he loves it. My youngest is still into board games which I’m totally fine with that. Sometimes we have a full game day. A lot of games we have are learning games so win-win for all of us:)


Lunch Date

We don’t do this very often but I really enjoy going out with my boys to lunch. Once in a while, I will take just one of the boys to make it extra special. Now that they are a little older they are so much fun to go out with.




My boys and I are movie goers. Pretty much every kid movie that is playing we go to. In the summers they have dollar movies every week that we go to and we love it. It’s nice to go in the cool for a while and share popcorn. We also have movie nights right at the house and make our own popcorn while getting comfy in our PJs. Check out a free printable for movie tickets and play money to print >>HERE<<.



What kid doesn’t like the park? My boys like going to parks and we change it up every time. There are several different parks in our area and we also even have a small water park. We usually bring their soccer ball or frisbee.



Adventure/scavenger hunt

My boys always ask me to go on an adventure. We always have to get into character for this one. We will pretend we are going to look for a bigfoot or a monster. We have played we are going to climb a big mountain or visit a bear cave. I have created simply scavenger hunts around the house for them too.


Pet Store

My boys love animals. We have three dogs and that is plenty for this household. If you ask them though they want a cat, lizards, hamsters, birds, turtles, and fish. That’s why we take a little trip to the pet store. They can look all they want and sometimes they will hold something too. But that is the extent of that. 


Theme Park

We had zoo passes in our area and the boys loved it. It was perfect to go in the mornings. I would pack some PB&J’s and we would spend the morning time there and head home after lunch. We have gone to a few other theme parks, my oldest son (six) likes it a lot more because he is tall enough to ride the bigger rides. (he loves roller coasters)



I know you might say yeah right! Just listen… my boys like to go shopping when there is something for them:) If I have to go to the mall we always stop by the stores they want to look at (toy store, pet store, candy store, or game store). They really like build-a-bear too. They don’t really pick out clothes but they love stuffed animals and they like the idea they are making them.



Since my oldest loves his games, of course, this is a perfect place for him. I’ll give him a budget he can spend or he can bring some of his money. We also go to Chuck E Cheese.


Pool Day/Beach

In the summers, we like going to the pool. I do take them to the beach from time to time as well. They are really there more for the sand and the seashells though.



We ride our bikes around the neighborhood together. Occasionally, we throw the bikes on the bike rack and go to a close by park on really nice days. They are getting so good on their bikes:)




We had picnics right in our living room to right in our backyard. But I also have taken them to a park as well.


Bowling or Skating

If you are lucky enough to have a bowling alley or skating rink close by these are great places to take the kids. I started them around two for both these activities. Once again in the summer, they have special deals that we take advantage of. It is great for all us to get up and stay active.



I know a lot of you would say no to camping. I actually grew up camping and love it. My husband is not into camping. We have camped right in our backyard, and the kids loved it. But I’m still working on convincing him to actually go camping (for real). 


Make Something

I’m so excited my boys love helping me in the kitchen. They are such good helpers and love creating new things with me. Their favorite creation so far is slime!


Fruit Picking

We love fruit in our house and what better way to teach your children where different fruits come from, is for them to pick them. We have picked oranges, apples, and blueberries but our favorite is strawberries.



I hope this was a good list of dates for you to choose from. Let me know what date you will pick for your next date with your son. Or let me know if you do something else that’s special you do together. Have fun! Love ya, Mary xoxo




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