Healthy Road Trip Snacks

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We are going to the Wolf Lodge to surprise our 4-year-old for his birthday. My kids have no idea and I’m so excited. We have never been and they have been asking to go for a while now. We always told them no because it was too far away. (It’s only 7 hours away). You know as well as I do that 7 hours is an eternity for small children. My children are really good in the car and I’m good at entertaining them. hehe Here is a post about some things I have in the car to entertain them with.

I try to feed my family as healthy as possible. Here are some ways I get my boys to eat their veggies. It’s not always easy and especially when you are on the go but I have some ideas I would like to share with you. I’m on a strict budget and have to plan out everything accordingly to what we have planned for the week. So I have posted some cheap healthy snacks you can check out too.

When I was younger we traveled a bit and I loved it every time. My mom would make sandwiches, yogurt, and cheese sticks. But when my mom passed back out snacks and juice boxes they would be soggy and dripping water…YUK!

TIP #1 Sticking all these things in a container, then in the cooler to prevent from having soggy snacks.

TIP #2 With these containers you can use them if you are making soup, grits, oatmeal, or cold cereal in the hotel room.

I use a gallon size bag and put napkins, plates, plastic spoons and forks. I almost freaked out because I didn’t have paper bowls then remembered I had the containers in the cooler. I also keep a little grocery bag to use for my trash bag.

Don’t leave the house without wipes. The wipes are perfect for sticky hands and spills. You need wipes even if you don’t have children.

I also will bring a insulated cup with ice for each of us. Perfect for us to fill up with whatever we want and it will stay nice and cold. I got our bottles with our name on each of them here.

What’s in the cooler?





Frozen PB&J

Frozen Grapes


Hard Boiled Eggs

Homemade Peanut Butter Chewy Bars

Apples (I will use my apple cutter to cut it ahead of time then wrap a rubber band around to keep it together. Put it in a baggie and squeeze a little lemon juice over it.)

What’s in the snack bag?


Gluten Free Crackers


Apple Sauce Squeeze

Beef Jerky (Turkey Jerky)


Fruit Snacks

Brown Rice Cups

Peanut Butter

Enjoy Life Bars

Bananas and Apples

The first day, I’m going to make egg and bacon sandwiches the night before and wrap them in foil. In the morning, while I’m packing things up and getting everyone dressed I’ll be heating them up. I plan on making muffins ahead of time to have for breakfast along with oatmeal and grits for another day.

I hope this was helpful to you and your family. Let me know what other healthy snacks I missed. If you haven’t already subscribed please do so, so you don’t miss out on more tips from our trip. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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