Tips For Entertaining Kids In The Car

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I’m one lucky mama to have such good kids riding in the car. I couldn’t tell you that a few years ago but now they are rock stars. When we travel my husband does all the driving (for everyone’s safety) and I entertain the children. We just had a seven-hour trip each way and they did great.

When we left at 6 A.M. my boys didn’t know where we were heading. They knew we were going on an adventure but didn’t really know where. Leaving early is the way to go. I packed hot breakfast sandwiches to go and we all ate them in the car as we watched the sunrise. We stopped frequently to go on small adventures.

Thank goodness for all the technology we have now. I would look up a close park after every few hours to have the kids jump out and move around. I created a scavenger hunt that they loved. I packed some school work for them (even though they were not thrilled) they completed it like champs. They also really enjoy <a src="//" href=" “>books especially if it has a CD to go with it.

I packed TONS of snacks and thank goodness because these boys wanted lots of snacks but who doesn’t like snacking in the car. They napped a little and I also downloaded some shows on Netflix before we left. My oldest gets a little car sick and can’t watch too much while we are driving but we watched a little at a time and it was fine.

On the way back from our surprise trip we took a lot longer. We left later and got stuck in traffic. They did sleep a little more because of the excitement of our trip. I’m not going to lie, coming back home was a little harder.

My kids love music, every time that music comes on they have to just move. Since we are in the car and can’t really move but love music I came up with a game. When the music turns on you have to sit really still. The first person that taps to the beat, sings or dances is out. My boys think this is so funny because I’m usually the first one out. lol

So let’s go over this again…

  • Leave early
  • Have activities and <a src="//" href=" “>tablets
  • Lots of snacks
  • Extra breaks
  • Made up games

I hope you have a fun time on your next trip and subscribe so you don’t miss out where we went. Let me know where you plan on going with your children. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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