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I live in a neighborhood that has community yard sales twice a year for the last 15 years. I always participate in yard sales. For some reason, my family hates yard sales. They love shopping at them though. I’m going to share some tips I have learned over the years.


I have been working at my yard sale all day and I totally got burnt. I’m sure some of you only wish there was a nice hot sun where you live. As some of you may know I have created a challenge for myself and even though I want to snuggle up on the couch with my children, I’m finishing up day two.:) I completely forgot to take pictures!!! Grr… my oldest son even had his first lemonade stand. (#momfail)


I would stress over my yard sales in the past and make sure everything was labeled and sitting on tables in the garage. As much as you think people like things labeled some prefer it not to have a price so they can negotiate with you. Plus, have you ever been to a yard sale and had those little stickers ruin an item? I used sticky notes (post it) to put on big items.


Have you ever gone to a yard sale and saw a lot of people at a house and thought they must have something good? When I have a sale I always tell friends and family members about the sale and have them set up a table and sell their stuff. The more tables the more people which gives you more business.


I start a few weeks out and start gathering items up that the kids don’t use anymore. My boys had shared a lot of baby items and some were so hard to get rid of. At six and four, I finally had to get rid of all their baby items. Then I start with my kitchen if I forgot I had something I just get rid of it. Then I look through the rest of the house. I then harass my husband to see what he wants to get rid of which is nothing!! He is such a pack rat. He has toys that were his when he was a child that he claims he saved for his children but don’t allow his kids to play with them. HEHE


I get up around 6 A.M. and start getting ready. I do have some tables set up in the garage the night before to drag out but I also put out several more. My mom had a garment rack we would hang up nice clothes and then we would fold piles of each size. We have used two ladders and put a shower curtain rod up in between them to hang up more clothes in the past.


My son’s lemonade stand definitely helped me make some sales. The older people that live in my community just love getting a little drink for a cute kid. My son wanted a new video game and I told him he had to work for it. Which we also turned this into a very good learning experience.


Don’t forget to advertise on Facebook online yard sales in your community. You can also advertise in the newspaper which I have done in the past. Some neighbors did a good job setting up signs in the front of the community. I added more of my signs to direct to my house. (Not that I think about it I forgot to take the signs down!) I hope you were able to get some good ideas from this post, I had a long and busy day and now ready to relax. Have a great rest of the weekend! Love ya, Mary xoxox




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