Are Your Kids Really Hungry?

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How many have you heard, “I’m so hungry”, two minutes after you eat? I hear this quite a bit and I can’t stand it. I feed my kids very well. I give them full hot meals and snacks in between. Are they bored? Are they really thirsty?

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When my kids tell me they are hungry right before meals or right after a big meal it really gets me thinking. Why are they saying this? If we were doing something fun or staying active that day they would not even ask me to eat anything.

I watched children for fifteen years before my own and I watched what triggered them. If they passed by a fast food restaurant, if they were thirsty, if they were trying to get out of something, or if they were just bored.

My family has a history of obesity and I don’t want my kids to have to deal with it. I have completely changed the way I eat and what my children eat. I was over weight since elementary school and finally, as an adult, I realized what was important.

What triggered me to eat was just being bored, feeling thirsty, stress, the feeling of me not allowing to have something only made me crave it more. My mother was very good at trying to keep us healthy and eat well. Only she was that person that would go through a drive-through to get a drink because it was convenient. So growing up I noticed her making it a habit so of course, I was picking up on those bad habits as well.

A friend had told me that when her kids get to bed they always come down saying they are hungry and have to have a late night snack. How many of your children have a late night snack? When I was growing up we never had desserts after dinner. So when I got married and saw my husband having a bowl of cereal every night even after a big dinner, I made it a habit as well. Completely getting myself into an unhealthy weight.

If we as adults can cut out our bad habits then our children will not pick up on them.

My kids eat breakfast around 8 then lunch at 11 a snack around 2:30 then dinner at 5:30. Sometimes they will have a morning snack if I’m planning to have a later lunch. If they tell me they are hungry in between I tell them to drink some water. If they are still hungry and can’t wait then they can pick a fresh fruit or veggie.

When they tell me they are hungry…

  • they are trying to get out of something
  • they’re thirsty
  • they’re schedule is off
  • they are bored
  • if they want to eat fast food

Sometimes it is easier to just hand them a snack and say oh they are growing. But keep an I to see if there is something that might be triggering them. Teaching our kids healthy eating habits is very important. I’m not saying my kids don’t get desserts or treats. They love them, I just don’t buy them and then they don’t think about it. Out of sight, out of mind. *Try to grocery shop without the kids or avoid the junk food aisle.

Let me know what you think of this. I know many might not agree with me and that’s okay but I’m just saying find out what’s triggering them. Tip- If you are planning to be out and about for the day bring your own healthy snacks. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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