Are Your Children Getting Enough Sleep?

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Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep_

Do you have a cranky child after school? Do you have a child that misbehaves at school? Does it seem like your schedule is always full? Does it seem like there might be a lot of yelling as the day goes on?

Sleep is so important for your children. They need to sleep for so many reasons. When I don’t get enough sleep, I’m one cranky mama.

I have experimented with some sleep times with my kids. No matter what time they go to sleep they wake up at 6:30. I have tried to have them go to sleep later so they would sleep in but that does NOT work. I started with bedtime at 9 P.M. and I slowly moved up the time.

We now start getting ready for bed at 7:30 and they are all tucked in and ready for bed by 8 P.M. If my youngest didn’t take a nap and we had a super busy day I even start getting them ready for bed at 6:30 and they will be sleeping by 7:30.

I know a lot of working parents don’t get off until 6 or 7 and want to spend time with their children. When they wake up in the morning they will be well rested and you can have a more pleasant morning routine. You will be surprised laying your children down early and seeing them fall right to sleep.

Tips to get them to relax:

  • Have a warm bath right before bed
  • Have a night time routine (read a story or sing a song)
  • Put on soft music
  • Add a night light in the room or in the hall
  • Have electronics off at least 30 minutes before bed

When your children get enough sleep they will be able to focus better, they will be able to fight off germs, their mood will improve. Try to find a schedule that works for your family. Your house will turn into smiles and happy time instead of tears and meltdowns. Let me know if you have tried it. Stay consistent and you will see a difference plus it’s nice to have some time for yourself or with hubby. Good luck! Love ya, Mary xoxox


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