Organize Your Road Trip With Kids

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The first thing to know is to have lots of bags. I have tons of bags to put in the van around us to make sure I have everything exactly where I can get it.

Organize your next road trip

  • Emergency car bag (with clothes)
  • Activity bag (for the kids)
  • Snack bag
  • Coolers (one for the back with extra drinks a smaller one with cold snacks and drink you will eat within that day,)
  • Trash bags
  • Poolside bag (Since we went to the Great Wolf Lodge we needed to get to our suits quick)
  • Extra small bag for wet and dirty clothes
  • Another small bag for souvenirs
  • Shoe bag
  • Suitcase of course:) (I used one for all of our clothes but we were only gone for two days)

All these bags were very necessary for us. I had the trash, activity, snack bag and small cooler up towards the front so I could reach and everything else went in the back. I totally love traveling with my boys they are amazing.

Let me know if I forgot something. Happy travels:) Love ya, Mary xoxo


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