St. Patrick Fun, You Don’t Want To Miss

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I love St. Patrick’s Day!! If you are following me you are probably thinking that’s what she said the last holiday. LOL Okay! I’m a sucker for any kind of holiday. It was special for me as a child and now I can make it special for my children.

I would love to know how many of you make your children green eggs and ham for St. Patrick’s Day. Every year I make green eggs and ham for my boys along with green grapes and green milk for breakfast. I usually always make Rice Krispies treats for every holiday adding a different color to fit each holiday.

Good old Dr. Seuss books are great for children. I have a few activities you can do along with his book Green Eggs and Ham”. I have one that is good to review rhyming words from the book and one good for a shape review. See pictures below.

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Now I have tons of activities to share. Take one or all my ideas and enjoy the special holiday with your little ones.

The week before my kids is excited. Actually, let me correct myself, my oldest has been counting down the days since last year. LOL He really enjoys building traps using pieces from our recycling bin. Every year he plans a trap and gets so excited to check the trap to see if he has caught a leprechaun. Even if the leprechaun has tricked him and escaped he leaves a little treat behind.

St. Patrick Activities

Lots of green items andcoins for them to explore.

Lace Shamrocks.

Trace a shamrock cut it out and then add festive stickers.

Toss coins in a St. Patrick’s Day hat.

Make small black pots with numbers on them and they need to add that many coins.

Stamp hearts to make a shamrock.

Use handprint in each clover.

Hide the coins. (One year my son hid a coin in the play station slot and my husband had to take the whole machine apart to get the coin out.)

I hope you guys enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to wear your green:) Let me know what you guys like to do on St. Patrick’s Day. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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