Spring Cleaning Tips

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Do you love spring cleaning or dread it? I’m kind of in between, it takes me a long time to get motivated but once I start I go all in. Yesterday was the first day of the whole month that I missed my March Blogging challenge. But I was getting my backyard fixed up since we have enter Spring.

Today was one of those days. I got right up and started moving furniture to the center of the house. I mixed vinegar and dawn dish soap in a bucket and went to town on my walls and baseboards. They turned out GREAT! Now, I’m sure some of you are good at washing baseboards but me on the other hand, I hate it. The bathroom is probably the only baseboards I do all the time. (Due to boys in the house)

I’m ashamed to show you but I’m going to show you my baseboards before and after. I found that a small broom was so helpful when I was cleaning the baseboards.

Make sure you have all the windows open to get natural light so you can see EVERYTHING!! I hope you enjoyed my tips. Happy Spring! Love ya, Mary xoxo


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