First Steps To Selling Your House?

We have just sold our home. Let me tell you, it can be very stressful.


If you are prepared before you put your home on the market, then life might be a little easier for you.

We decided that we wanted to move out slowly. Let me tell you that really wasn’t the way to go. Prepare yourself and you will make this time go smoothly.

Declutter– Yes take Marie Kondo advice, if you don’t feel a spark get rid of it.

Get storage– Packed up collectibles, pictures, and holiday stuff. Making sure everything has a nice tidy spot.

Deep clean- Pull everything to the middle of the room and clean baseboard, clean little fingerprints, and touch up paint (if needed). Make sure you clean fans and air vents. Rent a carpet cleaner or have a professional stop by and take care of the carpets.

Fix and repair– If you have anything that needs to be fixed and repaired try to do it before the inspection. Have someone you know or call in a professional to check things out so you don’t have any hold-ups. This way you are not scrambling around at the last minute like we did.

Once you do all these steps, call a realtor and take your pictures. There is nothing more annoying when looking at pictures of houses and seeing the counters full of junk.

Take out your fur babies when there is a showing. *Our realtor had advised us to remove personal pictures and have staged as best you can.

Once you have a closing date, go ahead and get yourself pre-approved for a loan. My advice is to call Quicken loans. They are quick, friendly and the rates are the best. Once you get your pre-approval letter start looking for your next home.

We didn’t start the pre-approval processes until we sold the house. So we had to stay with my mom for four months and it’s very tight. But I’m so grateful that she is letting us stay with her. Find the steps to buying a home here.

We were dragging our feet because we had lots of options of where to move. My husband works for a company that he could transfer pretty easily throughout several states. We wanted to stay somewhat close to family. But if we moved to a different state we knew we could get a bigger lot for our dogs.

When we first decided to put our house up on the market we decided to buy brand new and get it built. Once we got to that point we didn’t want to wait up to 9 months on the house. Even though it would have been very exciting, our friends were keeping our dogs for us and we didn’t want to be gone from them that long.

We found out that D.R. Horton Express Homes have homes that are already built or about to be completed you can buy. They are brand new and you don’t have to wait the 9 months. They are good quality and built a little faster.

We are enjoying the process so far. Watching our home finish up on the last touches every day. I would have to say my husband is way picker than me. But we do have high expectations. I’m so glad we went with a D.R. Horton Home and can’t wait to move in. Find what home best fits you here.


We will keep you posted on our journey. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Let me know your moving stories. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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