Sight Word Activities For All Ages

Turn sight word practice into a game!

As some of you may know I homeschool my sons and a friend’s children. I have worked with children over 15 years and love every minute of it. Over the years I have found new fun ways to teach my children that I would like to share with you.

Preschool (age 4-5) is when I started teaching my children sight words. My boys learn better when I make a game out of it. I also would like to share with you my TPT store >>HERE<<. I have tons of fun activities to help your little one read and worksheet activities for each Dolch sight word. Dolch sight words are frequently used words to help your children facilitate fluency in reading.

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GO FISH AND MEMORY- These are easy fun games they always want to play (sight words or not). You can print off 2 copies and cut out to play these games. Laminate the words for them to last longer. Also, use these cards to hide around the house for your little ones to find them and read the ones they find.

SLAP WORD- The game is played like slap jack. They will need two sets of the flash cards. When the children flip the cards over and they get a match they slap and say the word. Which ever child slaps it and says the word correctly first, they get the stack. The child with the most cards at the end, WINS!!

BUILD YOUR SIGHT WORDS- Your children can build your sight words with blocks, Legos, stamps, or magnet letters.

SIGHT WORD ROLL- You will need a blank dice to write some sight words on. Then your child will roll that dice, whatever word they roll they will write down. They will see whichever word gets rolled five times first.

SIGHT WORD TARGET- Adding sight words around the house or post on a wall. They can use whatever you have, (beanbags, balls, nerf guns, or spray bottles) they will shout out the sight word before knocking them down. You can have them repeat this until all of the words are knocked down.

SIGHT WORD TALLY- They can get their favorite book and tally up how many times they find their sight word while they read.

SIMON SAYS- “Simon” will say to find a sight word and they will need to listen carefully to find the right word.

BEAT THE CLOCK- Your kiddos will set a timer for two minutes to see how many sight words they can name. They can see if they get more than a friend or sibling, or they can just try to beat their own time.

SIGHT WORD WRITING- Making writing sight words a little more interesting for your little ones. Use shaving cream, colored sand, or paint to make it fun.

Don’t forget to check out the worksheet I created with nine activities for each preschool sight word >>HERE<<. I had lots of fun creating this and will have the next level done soon. Kindergarten worksheets are now available >>HERE<<

Let me know If you have other ways to make sight words fun please share them in the comments. Also if you if you are new to homeschooling check out tips to help homeschool your Kindergartener >>HERE<<If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Have a fun day. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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