Family Trip to Sky Top Apple Orchard

In beautiful North Carolina!


A family trip to Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina is a place you want to be in the fall. They have amazing views and so worth the drive up the mountain. We decided to pack up our bags and go for a little trip. I love when we go on quick little getaways, especially when we have to drive. Usually, people don’t like to drive with two small children but I love it. The kids enjoy it too. Check out THIS blog of activities for the kids in the car.

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Sharing is Caring

Raising My Boys Differently

Do you raise your children differently?

With my boys two years apart, you wouldn’t think that I would raise them so differently, as I do. I know many friends that raise their son and daughter differently or children far apart in age.  For an example, my oldest sister and I are twelve years apart, of course, we were raised differently. But I raise my boys completely different, even being two and half years apart.

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Sharing is Caring