Family Trip to Sky Top Apple Orchard

In beautiful North Carolina!


A family trip to Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina is a place you want to be in the fall. They have amazing views and so worth the drive up the mountain. We decided to pack up our bags and go for a little trip. I love when we go on quick little getaways, especially when we have to drive. Usually, people don’t like to drive with two small children but I love it. The kids enjoy it too. Check out THIS blog of activities for the kids in the car.

We were planning to go to Greenville, S.C. to show the kids where my husband and I use to live but they were having a “Fall for Greenville Festival”. Learn more about the festival here. They had no more available hotels in the area so we decided to drive out to Travelers Rest, S.C.

family trip

While we were there we wanted to visit an apple orchard. I home school the children and at this time they were about two and four. Someone might say “homeschool’ a two and four- year-old and yes, of course, that counts. Anyways we were talking about apple orchards and what better way to teach a child then actually experiencing it for themselves. They got to pick, smell, taste, and find out how many ways they can eat apples.

So we googled apple orchards in the area and found Sky Top Orchard. It was about a thirty-minute drive. The drive was beautiful! We went in October and the leaves were starting to change and you could feel the cool air. The roads just were winding up higher and higher, the views were getting more amazing as we reached the top.

family trip

We get to this very steep road and we were really deciding if we should go up. We took it very slow and finally made it. On Saturday morning, cars were lined up to get a parking spot. We bundled up and the second we stepped out of the car this wonderful aroma of apples filled the air. The kids were jumping up and down so excited, who am I kidding so was I.

We got our baskets and maps of the apple orchard. And it’s beautiful! Rows and rows of apple trees. We start walking up the mountain. (The apples at the top, might taste better.) I mean, who doesn’t want to see the top of the mountain?

After we fill up our basket we start our journey down the mountain (which is much easier). We came across some animals, a playground, and hayrides. Also, they do birthday parties there as well. We saw a line where they were selling fresh hot apple cider doughnuts. Hubby said lets just get two to try. THOSE DOUGHNUTS WERE SO AMAZING!! We got back in the long line to get a dozen, so we could bring some back to the family. (Oops…. they were all gone by the time we got home to share.)

apple orchard

They sell so many different kinds of apple products. We left with of course the apple cider doughnuts, apple cider (it was in a little apple container for the kids), another pint of the apple cider, bag full of apples and yummy apple jam. I can not wait till we get to go back again. If you want to learn more about Sky Top Orchard,  click here. I hope you enjoyed our little family trip to Sky Top Orchard and hope you get a chance to visit soon.


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