How I Lost 55 Pounds

Surprise, It took years!!

I struggled with my weight for years. I would fluctuate my weight year after year, trying all kinds of diets. Nothing really clicked for me. Once I had Bradly, I wanted to show him an example of what healthy eating looked like. Take a look at how I lost 55 pounds.

The first 40lbs. were pretty easy to come off. But I wanted to lose more weight. I started walking around the neighborhood about twice a day. This was good for the both of us. While Bradly was sleeping I would do a quick T25 workout.

I was almost the weight I wanted to be and SURPRISE baby #2 was on the way. Both of my pregnancies I had gained 45lbs. I knew Kyle was my last baby, I decided to take the weight loss slow so I could focus on breastfeeding him. After almost two years, I dropped the 45lbs but still had more to go.

My good friend had found out she had endometriosis and needed to change the way she ate. She went on the Paleo diet to make it a life change. Learn more about the Paleo diet and great recipes here. I would look up recipes for her and every time she came over I would try to make something she could eat. Over the year she started looking healthier, stronger, and she had lost a lot of weight. She always would tell me how she felt younger, more than ever before.

I started doing some research. I came across a documentary on Netflix about food and what it does to our bodies. Let’s just say I was horrified. I had then decided I wanted to eat only plant-based food. I went a good whole four months without eating anything other than plant-based foods. Which helped me lose another 10lbs. I was also lifting weights at this time and felt like I wasn’t getting enough protein or calories. So I started adding hormone-free chicken, eggs and lean turkey.

It has been almost two years and I have been keeping it off. Feeling amazing! I still get my ID checked for a lottery ticket (I’m 30, not that I’m complaining). My knees and back use to hurt all the time. Now that I have lost the weight and been keeping it off, I feel great and I have a little more confidence. Take a look at this pin if you are having hip flexor problems.

Everyone is different and they need to find out what works best for them. I hope you enjoyed. Follow me on Pinterest to see the foods I love to eat. Keep trying and never give up because once you get there you will feel AMAZING!! Also know that it doesn’t happen overnight it takes time and it took me years to finally figure it out. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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