How To Have A Great Day With Your Child

Everyone can have a bad day.


I know as a mommy and a childcare provider sometimes the days can go by slow and the children are crazy. Working in a preschool setting for over 15 years has been my passion for years and am happy I stay home with my boys now. When the children were a little crazy, I would blame it on the weather. Let’s face it, it was probably because I wasn’t having a good day. Everyone has a bad day and an adult’s mood can rub off on a child.

I’m going to tell you three things that help me in a classroom or at home. Sing/music, games, and giving them your attention. No matter what kind of child you have, these things will work amazing for you. I have worked over the years with many kinds of children.

Now, I’m going to tell you that I love to sing. I sing all day long even if they are made up silly songs. This might be more difficult for adults that don’t like to sing but I promise this with work. When you are having bad days and your favorite songs comes on the radio, how does it make us feel? Happy, excited, relaxed. This is exactly what will happen to your children. Take your favorite songs melody and change the words.


The child has lost their shoes. Tune to, Firework by Katy Perry. “Everyone help, Kyle, find his shoes right now. He needs to go outside and needs his shoes on right now.”

Children like songs they hear on the radio, so change it up and have fun. Anything you need to say add it with a melody and the children will listen. Give it a try for the day and see how it changes your day.

Play games. Any kind of game. Games, games, and more games. Made up games are the best. Whatever the subject might be, you can always add a game. No matter how old the child is, you can turn anything into a game. Simply putting your child’s shoes on can be turned into a game. You can also turn learning sight words into a game. There are endless games you can play. Also remember that a board game is a great way to teach colors, numbers, taking turns, and counting. Game on!

Adult interaction is so important to children. Caregivers don’t understand how important this really is. It’s important that the caregivers give that attention to them. When you are playing with the child, you’re teaching them how to play with their toys, have different emotions, tell stories, and how to use daily items they haven’t seen before. A child needs to know that an adult cares for them and even loves them. You will also get to know their unique personalities.

I know it’s hard to give all your attention to the children. You might have cleaning to do or phone calls to make, but make sure you give a few hours to give all your divided attention to them. Try to get your stuff done while they are sleeping or when they are having free play. It’s very important they can play by themselves and with others as well.

I hear all the time, “Why don’t children go outside and play anymore?” That’s because they need to be taught to love outside. They need to know how to play outside, and how fun it really is to be outside. If the adult is complaining about the weather, the child will do the same. (Monkey see, monkey do)

If you are parenting or working with children use these helpful tips to enjoy your time with your child. They grow up so fast, this is when you build your relationship with them. Always make playtime teachable and remember younger children are like little sponges, absorbing everything we teach them. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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