Do You Have An Emergency Bag?

Keep one in the car!

We all have to admit that at some point of parenting, we ran out the door with nothing for our children. If you haven’t, your time will come. Haha. Once we have children it seems our minds are all over the place. I actually packed all the kids bags for a little night getaway and drove away leaving the bags in the driveway. Thankfully I had our emergency bags in the car.

I never had emergency bags until we had a bad hurricane coming towards us. I wanted to make sure we were prepared for any situation. Keeping a kids play bag and an overnight bag, (enough for the whole family) in the car ever since. Yes, some might say why would you want to tote those bags around in your car. They have saved my butt many of times. Especially when your boys are still learning to aim, you too might need that change of clothes.

Kids Bag

I used this bag when we traveled a long distance and it entertained the children very nicely. We always keep a little tray that slides in the back pouch behind my seat and small pillows I put under their seats. Our boys get car sick so they can’t really focus on a book or tablets. (this is why I keep a barf bucket under my seat as well) I’ve never tried a portable DVD player with them yet.

In our, overnight bag I have some toiletries including butt wipes (we can not leave the house without this). I keep sunscreen and skin so soft (used for bug spray) in a bag along with some children and adult Motrin. Also, I keep hats and raincoats (more for the summer time). Make sure you are going through your bags once in a while. Between the kids that grow out of everything and the weather changing, check it at least every two weeks or so.


I hope you enjoyed my post. Let me know if you guys have an emergency bag in your car and if you do, what’s in yours? Love ya, Mary xoxoxo


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