Teddy Bear Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

Everything you need for the week!

I have a teddy bear lesson plan for preschoolers, that you don’t want to miss. I have taught preschool for over 15 years and would like to share you these ideas I have for the first week of school.

(Gummy bears are the only thing missing in this picture. Of course, I have to pick those up last minute because my whole family is addicted to gummy bears.)

Now I know some mommies/teachers love teaching their children but It takes a lot of time to come up with ideas and to stay on topic all week. So I’m going to share my first week of school ideas.

Also check out my post here to see what I have in all my learning centers. If you need help creating lesson plans, take a look at this how to guide >>HERE<<

 I have categorize each subject and put everything I taught all week in that category. But you can pick and choose the things you would like to try. Have fun!

Welcome to School with Teddy Bears: ages 2-5

Reading Readiness

  • Three Little Bears” felt board story, with older children they can retell and act out the story.
  • Rhyming words “Cub in the Tub“, older children can use rhyming flash cards (like matching game)
  • “Brown Bear Brown Bear” great repetition story for younger children but also great for working on colors. Draw and color the different characters you see in the book, cut it out and place them in a paper bag. The children pull out the animal and find the same color around the room.
  • Teddy Bear names, I found a simple bear image and shrink it down. The children will tracing each letter of their name on each bear. Older children can color and write their own name. You can also cut it out and have them put their name in the right order.
  • Make sure in this subject you talk about a letter of the week. I am talking about M. My youngest will look for M words around the room and trace his letter M, while my oldest will read, “If You Take a Mouse to School” They will retell this story using other M words.
  • Great time to put on a puppet show with your bear puppets.


  • Sticking to yellow. I tape up clear contact paper to the wall and have the children take turns sticking something yellow on the contact paper.
  • More or Less (you can use teddy grahams, gummy bears or counting bears)
  • Measure school items with the counting bears
  • Weigh the bears
  • Sorting bears by size and color
  • Pattern bears
  • Graphing gummy bears
  • Line the school buses in order (Felt buses in picture above)

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  • Sand play with the counting bears
  • Water table fun with the counting bears
  • Melting gummy bears in the sun, older children can put two colors together to mix while they melt.
  • What will happen to the gummy bear? Place a gummy bear and a clear cup of water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol.
  • Research different bears and where they live, compare and contrast

Creative Expression.

  • Bear puppets. Made out of brown paper bags
  • Teddy bear friends. The children can make a bear pattern how ever they like it.
  • Bears on the bus. Make a bus and in the windows the children can stamp their thumb print in the windows and make it into bears.
  • Bear paws. Let kids color two paper plates on the back and then staple them together cut a little off the bottom and the children can slide their hands right in. Don’t forget to add the claws.
  • Me and my teddy at school. Take a picture of the child with their favorite teddy and then have the children draw a school house around the picture.
  • Watercolor paint with teddy

Gross Motor

  • Teddy Bean bags (I made these out of felt and stuffed them) younger child can toss it into a basket and older children can play tic-tac-toe with them. (Make two different color bears)
  • Teddy bear statues. They are the teddy bears in a museum. You are the guard and the teddy bears can move, jump, and play but when the guard turns around they have to freeze.
  • Parachute teddy bears in the air. Also you can play ring-around-the-rosie with teddy bears in the parachutes (great for younger children)
  • Scavenger hunt for school supplies good for older children
  • Hula hoop toss around your teddy bears
  • Teddy bear hopscotch

Fine Motor

  • Lacing bears
  • Play dough with bear cutters
  • Bear in a jam (counting bears in the jam, good one to do when you are doing water table.)
  • I can cut and glue (Draw lines on a page have the kids cut them out and glue it on another paper. Older kids you can draw harder zig zags)
  • Bear punch or bear stickers

Music and Movement

  • Teddy bear Teddy bear touch the ground (continue with teddy bear doing other things like jump up and down and turn around.
  • School exercises
  • Wheels on the bus
  • Make new friends
  • Instruments


  • Mouse’s First Day of School
  • About Bear
  • How Bear Lost his Tail
  • Mind Your Manners in School
  • Show and Tell
  • Dora Goes to School
  • Bear Day
  • Hello School Bus
  • Morris Goes to School
  • The Show-and-Tell-Surprises

teddy bear

Any school books will work well. I hope you guys enjoy your week. Also do a teddy bear picnic and a teddy tea party through out the week. (Boys like tea parties too)

Maybe try a snack once a week that goes with the theme. Try giving them teddy grahams when we talk about more or less. Also, I will give them bear bread. (Nutella or peanut butter toast with banana slices for the nose and the ears. Raisins for the eyes and mouth)

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