Workouts To Do When You Have A Hernia

If you don’t know this about me, I love to work out. I started lifting weights a few months back and since I’m very competitive, I pushed myself way too hard. Well, surprise out popped a hernia. I was not going to let a little hernia get in the way of my weight loss. Check out my story here

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional! I’m simply giving you ideas of my own situation.



I have just started to walk and jog three miles. It took me a few weeks to get back into running. But once I got back into the swing of things I started really enjoying this exercise. Days that I didn’t have much time for a run I would jump on my bike and do a quick three miles. However, I did notice if I ran hard too many days back to back it would start to flare up again.


Pilates is my second choice of workout and I didn’t think I would ever like it. I always used T25 or P90x so I never really considered this a workout. Oh, my goodness. This felt so relaxing. But I was sweating at the end of the workout and sore the next day. (in a good way) I haven’t been doing this one as much to see if it makes my hernia flare up.


Using  5 LB weights to do bicep/tricep curls and lots of squats, is fine to use. I like this because I can go out to the garage (where we have our home gym) and just go crazy, listening to my music and still feel like I’m doing something. Another one I can’t do every day.


Don’t laugh at this next one. Every time I heard pool workouts, I would think of grandmas doing arm circles in the pool. But I have found some great workouts I love doing. I did not realize how much a POOL NOODLE, gave so much resistance under water. This is probably my favorite workout now because I can go in while the kids are swimming and having fun. Plus when they hang on me it makes it a little bit harder. I have not had any problems with my hernia and I do this one back to back.


I know most of you would say, get the surgery done but it really isn’t bothering me that much. Yes, I miss lifting heavy weights but I found other ways to still workout and keep my weight off. Remember to listen to your body and stay healthy. Hope you enjoyed! If you have any other workouts you do let me know. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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