Why And How I Became A Stay Home Mom

I’ve always wanted to be able to stay home with my children but didn’t ever think it was financially possible. I worked at my sister’s childcare center. My first son was two weeks late and I worked until I was 41 weeks. The whole time I was pregnant I would look up ways I could stay home with my baby.



I went to work after 8 weeks and I worked in the baby room. Why would I leave a job that I was getting paid to sit in the same room as my child? It wasn’t that easy. I was nursing and I was NOT going to give that up. Of course, he needed to nurse when I was feeding other children. I would attach him on, throw a blanket over his head and fed another child with my other hand. When I started nursing, we had an amazing connection but I was slowing losing that feel with him. 

I never wanted any parents to believe I was favoring just my child, I know that can be annoying. So poor little Bradly would just scream in his crib so I could attend to the other children first. We would both go home drained and disappointed. We didn’t have our bonding time together even though we were in the same room. I would cry every night trying to figure out what I could do to save money or cut back on some of our bills to stay home.

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I finally came to my breaking point about a month and a half and quit. It was very hard to do especially quitting on my sister but I had to do it for my family. Guess what? We figured it out.


We would spend between $200-$250 a WEEK on food so that was cut down to $100 a week. I would shop ads, clip coupons and plan out weekly menus. We didn’t eat out as much and I started packing my husband’s lunch for work. Check this link here to help you save money on groceries as well.


We got rid of cable, that was hard for me at first but I found other things I like to do. This is when I started walking. Check out my post how I lost 55 lbs. HERE!  We were able to save another $50.


No more Iphones for us. We just used our house phones and if I needed my husband I would call him at work. I know it sounds old fashion but that’s what we had to do. That was savings of $190.


We had paid off my car with our tax money. My husband downsized his vehicle. Once we adjusted the way we were spending we were able to take a step back and relax.

It felt so good to stay home with my baby. I was able to teach him and play with him all day. We were very comfortable with our little family after about a year and a half we tried for baby #2. Now we are a happy, healthy family of four. I hope you enjoyed my story. Did you always want to be a stay-home-mom? Love ya, Mary xoxo



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