How To Make Extra Money And Save For Christmas Shopping

I know it’s only September but I’m already thinking about Christmas. I start my Christmas shopping as soon as possible. Most Americans live pay check to pay check, so it’s hard to get gifts for your loved ones. I’m going to let you in on some of my secrets. Throughout the year if I see a sale or clearance items I try to purchase it. I grew up going Black Friday shopping. I enjoyed the rush and madness to grab the last item off the shelf. Well, I use to like that! Now that I’m older I grew to love online shopping. Cyber Monday started back in 2005 but I’ve only started shopping like this for the last two years. I’ve learned some tips on the way I’d like to share with you.

Whenever you shop online especially on Cyber Monday, I would highly suggest you use EBATES.  Not only will you save a percent on each order but when you first sign up you will receive $10.00. But for every person, you can have signed up under your name you will receive $25.00. Let me do a little math for you. If you sign up with the link above you will receive $10.00. You will make an online purchase. My favorite online shopping is Walmart, Groupon, and Amazon. Let’s just say you made a $100.00 order at Walmart with 10% cash back, you will get $10.00 back plus the $10.00 for just signing up. Then you have four friends or family members that sign up under you. Yeah, you just made $120.00. You get a check or money sent to your Paypal every quarter.

I also use It is a very slow process but you can cash out at $10.00.

Okay now, SWAGBUCKS is kind of like Ebates and Survey junkie. You can find deals for online shopping. You will receive $3.00 for every friend or family member you add. Swagbucks surveys add up much quicker than survey junkie and you can pick a gift card of your choice. Who doesn’t like gift cards for Christmas? They also I have fun activities and bonuses you can complete to maximize your points.

Now I have heard of people making thousands on ibotta but I didn’t believe it until I made my first $40 in two weeks. Click on this link and you can save with me on my team. Just by simply buying my groceries as I do every week. (Any brand items and fresh fruit and veggies.) I take a picture of my receipt and it adds money to my account. Every friend you invite you will receive $5.00. You will also get a bonus on your fifth friend you invite. When you complete certain challenges you will receive a nice extra bonus. I think the coolest thing about this app is you can join my team and we can work together to receive more rewards.

Another helpful hint to help you save money while grocery shopping, is to go to the store’s website and see if they have digital coupons you can use. If you have never done Walmart pick up check it out here. Every person you invite you will receive $10.00 off your purchase.

Also I got a new app from a friend, go ahead and click this link to start saving money on gas. By clicking on this link you will get up to .20 cents/gal. Plus if you invite your friends and family you will get $15.

This will be a nice chunk of change by Christmas. You will be able to get your loved ones awesome gifts. I hope you enjoyed, if you didn’t see a site you use, let me know. Happy saving. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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