Do You Have These Halloween Traditions?

Do you have lots of family traditions? Thanks to my mom I make every little (or big) holiday special. Growing up, my mom would decorate the table up when we went to sleep. When we woke up we were so excited to see how the table was dressed up.
At each of our seats, we would have Halloween plates and napkins. There would be a little goody bag of Halloween treats (pencil, fake teeth, spider rings, eraser, and some candy). We would have something Halloween related for breakfast (Halloween doughnuts, green monster milk).

My mother owned a childcare center when I was growing up. She would put together a parade downtown with other schools, bands, and firetrucks. The whole community would come to see all the children in their costumes. As time went on, unfortunately, many people stop participating. She still would have a parade at her center for all the children. Those are things that I looked forward to when I was little and I wanted to still have those traditions with my children.

For dinner, we would have mummy hot dogs and orange and black chips. Then we would get ready to trick or treat. We would then trick or treat together. When we got home we went through all our candy and switched out candy with sisters. I packed some away for later and what we were planning to share with our friends the next day.

Go ahead and check out some other Halloween activities I do with my boys throughout the month of October.

Now, when my boys wake up they have a table to come to with goodies at their seat. We play dress up and have a little parade around the house. We have a little party and play games and make spooky treats. I like to make orange pumpkin rice Krispie treats but now that they are getting older, they help too. I’ll use Halloween cookie cutters to make their sandwiches and make tortilla chips too. We also watch Halloween movies. For dinner, we go to my mom’s house to have dinner with her.

We then will trick or treat all the way to our house. (We live in the same neighborhood as my mom) Once we get home we will pass candy out for a little bit. The candy usually goes with my husband to share at work. I will end the night with a Halloween book and head to bed. I hope you enjoyed our Halloween traditions. I’d love to hear if you have any  Halloween traditions. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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