Seeing My Deceased Grandma

Take a look at this story, you will know that my grandma died the day before we came home from the hospital with my firstborn son. Keep reading if you want to know how I saw my deceased grandma.

(My grandma and I use to watch Touch By An Angel and she would tell me that she believed angels were around us.)


I would like to say that I totally believe in Mediums and I love watching the #LongIslandMedium on TLC. Wish I could see her and talk to her. My oldest sister saw Theresa at a taping of the Bethany show. Anyways, my grandma had breast cancer in 2008. She was cancer free for a good three years. We started to notice it was getting harder for my grandma to get around (which was not like her). She got a cane but that did not help her. Long story short it got worse. We realized cancer had started in the middle of her back, that nobody had detected. The cancer was quickly going up along her spine until she was paralyzed and having a hard time breathing.

We get home from the hospital and I was so upset that my grandma didn’t get to hold my baby, rock him and sing to him. It was a few days we were at home and I had this “dream” only it did NOT feel like a dream. If you have seen the Christmas Carol, where the Ghosts takes Scrooge through his past. That is exactly how it felt…

When I saw My Grandma

I woke up to feeling something touch my foot. When I looked up and at the foot of my bed, there was my grandma. She told me not to be afraid and that she wanted to show me something. We walked downstairs and we were watching what happened when we came home from the hospital. Everything was the same that day, down to our clothes. And I saw my grandma sitting on the couch rocking and singing to my son. She told me that even though she wasn’t there physically she was there holding and singing to him the day we came home from the hospital.

Of course, I wanted to ask her so many questions and as she walked me back to bed, I was trying to think of anything to ask her. She had died on her Anniversary with her late husband. So I asked her if she saw Grandpa. She told me she did and that they renewed their vows. Then told me that she showed my oldest sister, Megan the pictures of her wedding. As we get back to my bed she tells me that she is fine and doing great, reuniting with old friends and not feeling any more pain. She also told me she will always be with me. I blinked the tears out of my eyes and she was gone…

Just like that. I remember jumping up looking for her all over my house.  Then decided to write down everything she said so I would never forget. Even though it’s coming up on 6 years, it feels like it was yesterday.

So I called my sister in the morning to tell her the story. She said OMG! I came across some boxes and found grandma’s old wedding pictures. Then I knew for sure that she is truly with me. I don’t go to her grave site because I don’t feel like that’s where she is, I know she is walking around us. Seeing her again would mean the world to me. My oldest talks about her like he knew her. I pick up the phone still to this day to call her. She was my everything and I’m so sad that she isn’t here physically but I’m happy that she got to reunite with her husband and she keeps her eyes on us. My grandma is my Angel.

I hope you liked my ghost story. This really happened to me and I would love to hear any stories you have to share. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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