Why Children Sleepwalk?


My oldest will probably be mad at me when he learns I posted this but I think it’s important to know what you should do when you see your child sleepwalking. First of all, I want to tell you that it completely freaks me out seeing children walk or talk in their sleep.


It is so important to know, NEVER wake them up. You could scare them. Even when their eyes are open they don’t see the same as if they are awake.


Some reasons your child might be sleepwalking

  • lack of sleep or fatigue
  • irregular sleep schedules
  • illness or fever
  • some medicines
  • stress
  • they need to use the restroom

The first time my son sleepwalked was when he was almost four-years-old. He ran to his closet and started peeing. I honestly thought it was our dog peeing on the floor. It was only about an hour after I put him to bed. Of course, I wanted to freak out but I just guided him to the toilet. Then put him right to bed. I asked him in the morning if he knew that he got up to go to the bathroom and he had no idea. He did it about two other times. Then I realized those were nights he didn’t go right to the bathroom before he went to sleep.


Whenever I tell my son that he was sleepwalking/peeing, he laughs and of course. Instantly he starts walking around like a zombie. I guess that’s what he thinks he looks like when he sleepwalks. I would really FREAK out if that was the case. LOL

It’s actually quite scary to see your child sleepwalking. My sister had a friend that would get up in the night and walk straight out their front door. YIKES!!!

After, I swear I saw my grandma (check the story out here) I always felt like when someone was sleep talking “the dead” was trying to tell me something through them. I feel very silly saying this. Does anybody else feel this way? Let me know if your kids sleepwalk or talk and what do they say? Hope I haven’t freaked you out so close to Halloween:) Love Ya, Mary xoxox

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