Legoland Birthday Surprise

WOW, My firstborn son is SIX!! I can’t believe how time flies when you are having fun. We surprised Bradly with a Legoland trip. He had no idea and we had so much fun.

My sister made shirts for us, so we were matching when we went to Legoland. I made Lego jell-o the night before his birthday along with decorating the table for him when he woke up. Also, Bradly requested I make him Cracker Barrel pancakes and sausage for his birthday. Then he opened the shirts there was a note inside saying we were going to Legoland. At this point, he didn’t know we were staying the night. I made up a Lego head puzzle he had to fill in on the car ride there. Once we got there I decorated the room and I had ordered a birthday cake.

Legoland beach resort was so much fun. We had dinner there and they had a special going, kids eat FREE, who doesn’t love that deal? They had games, dance party, characters, play areas and pool with a sandy area to play. Our room had a small room with a bunk bed and Legos for the kids, they loved that.

One thing Bradly has been talking about is that he wanted to ride a roller coaster when he turned six. There are four roller coasters there and he rode all of them, he was so brave. There were more rides for him compared to our youngest, that is three. We were going to save the second day for the water rides but then realized it was closed. But they were decorated for Halloween, which we love.

I love how GREEN Legoland is. When we pulled up we parked under solar panels. They had plug-in stations for the cars. My favorite part was the water fountain that filled up your bottles. It showed how many plastic bottles you have saved by filling up your reusable bottle. It was nice because it wasn’t the nasty ones that everyone puts their mouths on. They also had recycling bins throughout the park. (My husband pointed out, they could of have been made out of Legos or had Lego words on the trash bins.)

They had a great Pirates’ Cove show and the kids loved it. Plus it gave them a little break from being in the heat. After we saw the show we went to the Cypress Garden section. Make sure if you decide to go, to see the gardens. It’s so beautiful.

If the water park was open we think two nights and three days would be perfect to stay here. But if we lived a little closer I would probably get annual passes and take the kids at least twice a month. The second day we spent a lot of time in the imagination zone which was all inside a nice cool building. I’m pretty sure my boys could have spent the whole day in there.

Another little thing we found out is that Legoland is closed once or twice a week and we checked in Thursday and were able to check into our room early. (Since they were closed the day before.) The park was not crowded on Thursday and we were able to pretty much walk on everything. Our family had so much fun and I don’t want to spoil all the details with my pictures. I have to keep reminding myself this isn’t our scrapbook. Hehe. Since it was Bradly’s Birthday, we did let him pick out some Legos.

Don’t forget to bring your mini Lego figurines. The workers will have little figurines on their name tag that you can trade. My boys loved searching for new figurines. We got some pretty cool ones. I hope you learned a little about Legoland FL. and will visit there soon. Let me know what birthday surprises you have done for your children. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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