Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Other than of course, having a family dinner with a huge turkey and loads of veggies and pies we are a family full of traditions. Check out my Halloween traditions.

We start off the day with some morning shopping. We come home just in time to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Make some of the sides for the family dinner.

Head off to my sister’s house for a late lunch/dinner. We sit and read the ads for Black Friday shopping. We play family games… who can draw the best turkey and BINGO. Yes, we have been playing bingo since I can remember and we pick out prizes if we win. The kids really love playing along but usually get burnt out quickly. (We are not a football family)

Check out some new traditions I would like to start by making some turkey cookies with the kids HERE. Also how to keep them entertained HERE!

The sisters and my mom plan out our route for Black Friday shopping make our list and check them twice. I really don’t like how they have changed Black Friday to Thanksgiving night but we still go, just don’t crazy. We use to start shopping at 10 P.M. and not get home until the next evening. Now that I have Ebates, I shop more online. Those are our family traditions, let me know what your traditions are. Love ya, Mary xoxoxo


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