Making Healthy New Year Resolutions

Making New Year resolutions are sometimes hard to keep. Three years ago I decided to eat plant-based foods only. I did pretty well but it only lasted about four months. But, I only added eggs, chicken, and turkey to my diet. My New Year resolution looks a lot like last years.


I always said, I CAN NOT go without cheese and bread. But look at me now, I’ve completed three full years and I really don’t miss it. I would always have stomach issues, breakouts, and eczema. Once I cut it out dairy and gluten I could tell a big difference in my health.

Going plant-based is really starting to trend. They have restaurants, frozen meals, and prepared convenient snacks. I usually stay away from these things, but it’s nice to have when I’m running late or really busy.

I continue to make plant-based foods for my family. My favorite plant-based foods to make are sweets. That is where I need help. I have a major sweet tooth even though I took it down a lot. My 2020 new year resolution is to cut back on sweets. I go a little crazy with my honey. I know sugars go right to your belly. That is something I’m going to work on the most.

Even though I do have a hernia I want to work out a little more than I have been the last 6 months. This year I want to put myself first a little more. My children are a little older now and can do for themselves for the most part. As a mother, it’s so hard to think about yourself. I know that I am a better mommy when I get some time to better myself first.

If you guys use the Fitness Pal App look me up under Mamarohrerspride and help me out. I like when others are helping, competing, and motivating me. Healthy eating equals a healthy and happy life:) Let me know what your 2020 New Year Resolutions are. Good luck and enjoy. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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