How To Make A Focus Board

Creating a focus/whiteboard is a lot of fun. I have used this board for almost three years and I love using it. It helps me remember what to talk about at circle time. I’m going to share you how I created mine and what I needed to do to complete it.

Included on this whiteboard is:

  • Letter
  • Sight Word
  • Number
  • Shape/Color
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Month
  • Date
  • Year
  • Place Value
  • A Question of the Day
  • Day
  • Season
  • Weather
  • How many days of school. (tally marks and counting by 5)

I had different shape sticky notes I used to label everything. I used index cards and added a small piece of magnet strip to the back. Cut around with crazy scissors and wrote down everything I needed. I put each thing in baggies and added it to a ring. Everything stays together and I have it right where I need it. If I’m not using the index cards I’m writing it in with my dry erase marker.

This was pretty easy. A little time consuming but worth it since I can use it for many years to come. Teachers and mommies will benefit from this to keep on track, and the little ones will not let you forget. If I left something out let me know. I hope you enjoy and have fun. Love ya, Mary xoxox


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