Why I Love Scholastic As A Homeschooling Mom

Attention homeschooling moms, if you haven’t joined scholastic please sign up. You are missing out on great learning materials for your children. When I was a preschool teacher I had signed up for scholastic. I love books and if you follow me on Instagram you have seen my book collection. Once I started homeschooling I knew right away that I wanted to sign up my own account with my children. Family and friends order books and we get points to get free books for our classroom. Not only books though, but you also get games and learning activities. If you save enough points you can get tons of other helpful teaching tools such as furniture and shelving units.

Every month you get a little catalog to look through and you can decide to purchase something or not. Almost every holiday and children’s birthday party we go to, they get books. I love books and I also love to promote reading. Scholastic will offer a special feature book that they mark down to $1.00 for the month, totally worth it.

They also have little promotions if you order online to get a free book after $25.00 you spend plus the points are added for your classroom. If you are not ready to set up your own classroom but you want to purchase books you can always go here and order to help build our classroom.

Sign up as a teacher, you create a name for your “school” which I named mine “Bright Futures” When I was growing up I figured I would own a childcare center as my family did and I wanted to name it Bright Futures. I was glad that I got a chance to name my little “school”. Also sign up for the teacher store because you can get access to purchase some great learning posters and borders. If you have an in-home center they do offer curriculum as well.

I know you will enjoy scholastic as much as we do. Check it out, we have gotten some amazing books. I’m actually expecting a package today. Let me know if you have used scholastic before. Have a beautiful day. Love ya, Mary xoxoxo


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  1. I was so excited when my oldest brought home the order form for the first time back in preschool! I loved these when I was a kid. We just got Charlotte’s Web for their $1 deal to replace my very worn out copy 🙂

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