Groundhog Preschool Activities

Will the Groundhog see his shadow this year?

A lot of people forget to celebrate Groundhog’s Day. But If you are like me you are watching the report hoping the little guy doesn’t see his shadow. If he doesn’t see his shadow, because of a cloudy day then we will have an early Spring. I love spring, there are so many outdoor learning opportunities.

This year Groundhog’s day lands on the weekend. The week before we make our predictions, The following week we will talk about shadows. You can combine the two topics in one week as well.

Over the years, I have made a couple of fun groundhog activities and treats I would like to share with you. Along with some shadow fun ideas. 

We will also read Substitute Groundhog and make a prediction chart to see if the Groundhog will see his shadow. We’ll talk about what makes the Groundhog see his shadow.

I will have them make a groundhog puppet on a stick (find my printable here). Make a light shine on it to see its shadow behind it. Also we use this same printable and trace it on black paper a few times and hide the “Shadows” for them to find. I also laminated it and hole punched around the edges so they can lace the groundhog.

We will make a groundhog snack. Make your own or buy the individual pudding cups. Cut banana in half, stick it in the pudding and add mini chocolate chips to the banana. There you go, a groundhog popping out of his hole.

If it is sunny out we will have some fun finding our shadows. If not then I will pull the tents out and let them crawl through the tunnels like a groundhog.

I also made copies of animals and traced them with black paper to see if they can find the animal’s shadow. You can also use blocks to create a shadow. See the picture below.

I have made several other groundhog projects in the past as well.

  1. Paint a paper plate brown and add the teeth and eyes.
  2. Lay printable groundhog on black paper and paint with white paint around the edge.
  3. For little ones, you can use brown paint on their foot to turn into a groundhog and green paint on the hand for the grass.
  4. Use a white cup, color it green and cut little slits in the top to look like grass and have a small groundhog pop up out of the “grass” using a popsicle stick.

The following week we will talk more about shadows. I have done a shadow clock outside. They stand on the same spot every hour they go outside and draw around their shadow. The shadow will change every time they check it.

We will make shadow puppets, their silhouettes, and little people with shadows. Don’t forget to check out my groundhog printables. I have lots of fun with shadow and so do the children.

Let me know a project I missed. Have a great groundhog’s day. Let me know if you prefer longer Winter or early Spring. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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