Healthy Road Trip Snacks

We are going to the Wolf Lodge to surprise our 4-year-old for his birthday. My kids have no idea and I’m so excited. We have never been and they have been asking to go for a while now. We always told them no because it was too far away. (It’s only 7 hours away). You know as well as I do that 7 hours is an eternity for small children for a road trip. My children are really good on road trips though. Here is a post about some things I have in the car to entertain them with.

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16 Mommy and Son Date Ideas

That will not break the bank!

At first, when I found out my second baby wasn’t a girl I was a little disappointed. I wanted to have the little girl to go shopping with, get our nails painted and play with Barbies. But now I’m truly blessed I had boys. All that girly stuff I’ve done before now it’s time to play with all boy stuff. Hehe It can be hard some times to connect with my boys but when we get together we have so much fun. It wasn’t always that easy for us to connect until now. I’m going to let you know 16 cheap little dates you can go on to help connect more with your son(s).

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Successful Secrets For Circle Time

Some of you may know that I had worked in a childcare setting for over 15 years. I love letting you in on some of my secrets. Sometimes, I miss a classroom full of kids from time to time. Now I teach my own kids along with some friend’s children. We have loads of fun. Circle time with them is my favorite and would like to share you just how I have my circle time.

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