March Blog Challenge

I have just completed seven months blogging and I have to say I have lots of fun writing. I just thought I wanted to do a challenge and would love to see if anyone is willing to commit with me. Why I didn’t think to do this in February, is beyond me? HEHE



I have around 65 posts already and love how much traffic I get through Pinterest. I have been wanting to get more post out but I’m always pushing it aside. This is why I am setting up this challenge. 31 posts in March will be easy, right?


Committing to a post a day will be very hard for me but I’m going to push myself harder than ever. I have tons to share since we just came back from a trip, I’d like to share with you guys.


I’m hoping I can have you guys to help me make it to the end of the month!!

If you are interested in challenging yourself, let me know your website in the comment section so I can make sure I’m following you. Good luck! Love ya, Mary xoxo



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  1. Oh this is a good challenge!!!! I am wanting to blog more so I am going to try this!!!

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