How To Make Your Own Seed Book

If you are a homeschooling mom you know that you can turn anything into a learning experience. Last Spring we made this seed book together and I love to see their little surprised faces when we opened these seed packets. I plan to have my oldest to do it again more on his own this time.

How To Make A

Whatever seeds we were using I also got that vegetable at the store so they could seed the seeds inside. They tried the veggie and planted half of the seeds. FYI: I don’t have a green thumb whatsoever so they didn’t grow well. We did get green beans that grew great and this is when my oldest realized he liked raw green beans. Check this post out, how I get my kids to eat veggies:)

Super simple seed book you can make with your kiddos.


  • Markers
  • Construction paper
  • A little yarn (or book rings)
  • A three-ring hole punch (or single)
  • Several packets of different seeds
  • Glue
  • Sandwich baggies (or snack sizes)

We placed a few seeds in each baggie and had cut the front package of the seeds. I wrote on the top, When these seeds grow, (place bag of seeds here) they will become (veggie). They glued the baggies and the packets on each page. I give them a construction paper to decorate the cover and punched holes in all the papers and added the yarn. I went over how to plant seeds and what they need to grow on the back. Put it all together and BAM you are done:)

Let me know if you have a green thumb and what you like to plant.

I hope you enjoyed our seed book and you get an opportunity to make this with your little ones. Happy Spring! Love ya, Mary xoxox


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