Tips To Help You Homeschool Your Kindergartener

When I was thinking about homeschooling my oldest, I was sure we wanted to do it until the summer before he went to kindergarten. I became so nervous because I didn’t really know much about homeschooling. I taught preschoolers so I figured it was kind of the same thing. Check out this Preschool assessment to keep your child on track for Kindergarten. >>HERE<<

Homeschool Your Kindergartener

I planned all summer, getting ready to teach my son. After doing lots of research to find what was best for him, I came across a flex Florida virtual school. (I know other states have this as well, It’s free) You homeschool and use the flex schooling online to keep you on track.

My son has totally thrived with this flex opportunity they have available. I still can teach him what I want but we have a little guidance to keep us on track.

Kindergarten is changing, they have gotten rid of nap time and center time. They frown about craft time and they only let them have a very short recess. They are only five and six-years-old, they still need time to play and socialize. Plus, I feel like they learn better when they are playing.

I love how I can go to a store and my children are well behaved and someone tells me. “Your kids are so good” and I reply “I homeschool them”. Today, kids learn so much from the children that are in their classes.

I make sure I take them to the library for story time. It is important to make sure they know they need to listen to others and it gives them time to socialize with other children. Along with other sports, I let my kids pick what they would like to play. My oldest is better at jumping into a group of people than my youngest.

Make sure they have reading time to their selves. I went to a class on how to transition your child from preschool to kindergarten and the kindergarten teachers were saying how they needed to be able to complete a task on their own. One was reading on their own for at least thirty minutes a day. I started off with ten minutes and worked our way up to thirty minutes.

Getting our work done right when we wake up is so much easier to get everything done. If I let him watch T.V. and “relax” then he will not want to get anything done. I also use workbooks with him (which he actually enjoys).


  • Get work down in the morning (then play time in the afternoon)
  • Look into a flex online program
  • Let them have reading time to them self
  • Let them have time to socialize with other children
  • Workbooks with not kill them
  • Come up with fun games (try searching Pinterest)

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I hope some of my tips help you with homeschooling your kindergartener. Remember they are still young and deserve to still have fun and use their imagination. Let them have lots of opportunities for adventures. Check out our homeschooling routine here! Let me know some tips you have to share in the comments below. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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