Weather Preschool Fun

Weather is a lot of fun to talk about in the springtime. In Florida, we get all kinds of weather in March.  I figure this is the best time to discuss weather. Here is a project you can do for the whole week. Tie a balloon somewhere outside and let the children see what the balloon will do in different weather. Let them predict what will happen for each weather.

Weather Preschool Fun

Windy Weather

Science- Give each child a straw and see what they can blow across a table. Give them different types of objects (feathers, trash, shoes, rocks)

Art- With the same straws they can blow paint. I squeeze a little of paint on each paper and let them blow it all around the paper (tell them not to try to touch the straw in the paint). Sometimes I like to take that paper they painted and cut it in a diamond shape and make it into a kite.

Gross Motor- Fly a kite

Math- Cut out several diamonds (kites) using foam paper and number them let them put them in order.


Science- Rain in a jar (put water in a jar add shaving cream then add food coloring drops and watch it rain)

Math- Rain numbers coming from the cloud

Art- Fingerprint raindrops or rainmakers. I also have the watercolor paint on half a paper plate and turn it into an umbrella.

Gross- Rain dance


Fine Motor- Shaving cream clouds

Art- Let them use white paint to create a cloud design

Science- Discuss the different cloud types


Art- Draw a rainbow and let them paint with a q-tip each color of the rainbow

Game (with colors)- Find it >>here<<

Gross Motor- rainbow color streamer dance

I hope you enjoyed some of our ideas for weather. I have done some other activities with the sun around groundhogs day and in the summer. Of course, you can check out our winter weather activities as well. Enjoy! Love ya, Mary xoxo


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